Teach Your Heresies 12 - Messy Creative Process

A Messy Creative Process

Be utterly uncompromising in your drive to be authentic in your service to The Cause, to your life purpose. This is a Soul Mission. You're not making yourself a job replacement here ... you're investing in the evolution of life, of humanity.

Which is to say, you get to make your own rules. You get to choose your own path.

You have to start where you are. And that's where it gets supremely messy.

All that learning ahead of you. All those decisions to make, from the trivial details such as font and colour styles to represent you, to the hugely meaningful ones, such as what's your core message.

You will loop and swirl between your decisions as you try them on for size and appeal and alignment.

But while you sort these out, don't neglect the fruit of your soul ... that which is pushing to come out from you innermost being ... that which is demanding to be expressed.

So don't be afraid to create placeholder drafts and make bullet points for bare-bones teachings.

Then keep upgrading your posts / communications until you are thoroughly satisfied with them

Once you've found your groove, your voice, your rhythm, then good enough is not good enough. If you do have to release something before you consider it fully satisfying (note that I didn't say perfect!) then go back and revise and upgrade when you can.

Primary Rule … Don’t Be Boring. 
Which you will be if you are rehashing someone else’s work.
Which you will be if you are following someone else's formulas or systems.

So ... don't be boring to whom?

There's only one answer to that ...
Don't be boring to yourself.
If you don't agree with me, that's totally fine. 
I want you to use my writing as a SPRINGBOARD to recognising and owning your own knowing, which is often buried within us, often rising in reaction.

many of my writings come about as replies to what I read ...
either as agreement or retort or response or just to clarify for what's started swirling around in my head.
Keep a record of these responses.

While I don't open up comments on my posts, I am open to hearing your thoughts.
Feel welcome to email me:
LokaBrenning at gmail dot com

Where to From Here?

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8      - Holding Power

9      - Higher Power Persona

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12    - Messy Creative Process

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