Teach Your Heresies 9 - Higher Power Persona

Your Higher Power Persona

Consider how your name is a binding spell that locks you into a particular persona, a particular role. 

It comes with a whole lot of expectations from those who know you personally.

A new iteration of life ... whether in your current incarnation or your next one ... comes with a new name. 

Many rites of passage have the initiate emerging with a new name to hold their new sense of self, ready to move into a new reality with new roles and new responsibilities. 

I want you to consider this ...

So, for you to unlock your powers, to unbind this trance of believing yourself to be of limited capacity, who would you be? Who could you be?

There are no rules written in stone that say …
Thou Shalt Not Reinvent Thyself.

Thou Shalt Not Choose Thy Own Name.
So how do you break out and step away from being landlocked tightly within the surface matrix of our consensual reality?

You build a bridge.

A bridge into the reality you DO aspire to live within ... to play, to dance within.

How do you do this? Where do you begin?

That's an infinitely large topic, so I'll ground my response with sharing how I did it, and you can use that to shape something that would work for you.

Sargon Of Akkad, also known as Carl Benjamin

If you don't agree with me, that's totally fine. 
I want you to use my writing as a SPRINGBOARD to recognising and owning your own knowing, which is often buried within us, often rising in reaction.

many of my writings come about as replies to what I read ...
either as agreement or retort or response or just to clarify for what's started swirling around in my head.
Keep a record of these responses.

While I don't open up comments on my posts, I am open to hearing your thoughts.
Feel welcome to email me:
LokaBrenning at gmail dot com

Where to From Here?

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7      - Message Memes

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9      - Higher Power Persona

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11    - Establish Your Command Centre

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