Teach Your Heresies 5 - Late Bloomers

Take Heart, Late Bloomers


Truth: Age has nothing to do with how old you are.

I have respect for wisdom and maturity regardless of the biological age of your container. 

However, I want you to consider the idea of ‘ripening’. 

And cooking. 

Similar. But different.

Ripening … going from seed to seedling, from bud to full bloom, from green to ripe.

Cooking … going from raw, inedible to  scrumptiously digestible, even irresistibly more-ish.


I use these terms interchangeably, based on my own experience of developing my work. 

A lot of my ideas come rapidly … but then linger. 

Some advisers would have you release them as soon as they emerge … striking the iron while it’s hot they call it.

But you sense a hesitancy within you … you wait, and sit on your ideas awhile. You don’t feel quite ready to turn them loose into the world. Resistance? Possibly. But you may also be experiencing good stewardship by not releasing your work too rapidly.

With the benefit of hindsight, I am so grateful that I’ve simmered my work, sometimes for years, if not decades. 

Often it was not the work itself that needed simmering, but either the context, or my own mindset. I could not have stepped out as The Lady Odin earlier than mid-2019. That was when I was alchemised into a new level. 

In your own life, you will experience it as 

Action + reaction + active thinking + contemplation + research + learning + serendipity. 

There is no formula. There is only willingness, aka surrender, to being used as a vessel for your higher purpose. 

You will NEVER miss the boat because of your age. Dedicate yourself now to your highest purpose. 

If you don't know what it is ... easy. Begin where you THINK it is, and further clarity will come as you are taking action.

If you don't agree with me, that's totally fine. 
I want you to use my writing as a SPRINGBOARD to recognising and owning your own knowing, which is often buried within us, often rising in reaction.

many of my writings come about as replies to what I read ...
either as agreement or retort or response or just to clarify for what's started swirling around in my head.
Keep a record of these responses.

While I don't open up comments on my posts, I am open to hearing your thoughts.
Feel welcome to email me:
LokaBrenning at gmail dot com

Where to From Here?

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5      - Late Bloomers

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7      - Message Memes

8      - Holding Power

9      - Higher Power Persona

10    - Establish Your Flavour

11    - Establish Your Command Centre

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13    - Not Fame or Money

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