Teach Your Heresies Intro - When You Know You Are Special

When you know you are special, but ...

When you know you are here to DO something … you sense that you have a higher mission.

But you don’t know what it is … 

Or rather, you sense the general direction of it, but actionable clarity eludes you.

So you potter around at the edges of it.

On Social Media … maybe make your own website … which all feel meh.

You get envious when you see others succeed with their purpose.

You get both excited and disappointed with yourself when you see someone teaching what should have … could have … come from you.

You feel a failure, defeated, hopeless.

Until the next wave of excitement and inspiration hits you.

What are you doing wrong?

From personal experience, I can tell you now that you are trying to be too logical about it.

You’re using in the wrong framework of perception.

You need to pull out your big guns and step up … and out … into your LARGER self

That part of you that is related to mystical, mythical, and galactic beings. In other words … Aliens.

You are only partially human. Your soul is way beyond human.

You are here on a mission. You KNOW that. You FEEL that.

So why do you use preachings from within the matrix that you don’t even fit into … and feel that it's important to break others out of?

Stop listening to experts with their success formulas. They sideline you into creating boring work. Because your voice will not fit in to their little boxes.

My intention with this little course is to move you into the actions that get you out of your head and into the game of participating in The Cause. On your own terms ... as a lone wolf. An active and inspiring lone wolf. 

You've learned ... a lot! You've watched others emerge ... perhaps with a touch of envy. You've been on the sidelines a long time now. You feel that you have a lot to say, a lot to contribute.

So ... ?

Are you in? Come on then! 

If you don't agree with me, that's totally fine. 
I want you to use my writing as a SPRINGBOARD to recognising and owning your own knowing, which is often buried within us, often rising in reaction.

many of my writings come about as replies to what I read ...
either as agreement or retort or response or just to clarify for what's started swirling around in my head.
Keep a record of these responses.

While I don't open up comments on my posts, I am open to hearing your thoughts.
Feel welcome to email me:
LokaBrenning at gmail dot com

Where to from here?

Yep! These can be done in any order.

3       - Your People
4       - Mis-Steps
5       - Late Bloomers
6       - Accelerating Clarity
7       - Message Memes
8       - Holding Power
9       - Higher Power Persona
13     - Not Fame or Money

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