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What's happening and what I'm working on [ Updated: 16 July 2021 ]  I'm an ENTP* big-picture visionary and my research and thought processes are thematically kaleidoscopic, not linear or organised. ~~~ Until the next update, stay true and stay strong! *ENTP is the shit-stirrer personality type of the 16 Myers Briggs Categories. There are many free tests online for you to determine your personality type. Is this your first visit to my lair?  Below are some portal links that take you to my other writings,  curations, and random jottings. The Welcome Page About Me Page My favourite playgrounds are on Instagram , Twitter , & Facebook . Join me on one of these. Search Posts By Topic Current Post Count:    140 published posts and  151 draft posts. I'm not sure I'm gonna catch up at this rate. Aliens  |  Angels  |  Asgard  |  Azazael   |  Gods  |  Reptilian Clues For Warriors  |  Futuristic Tech  |   High Strangeness  |  Hive Mind  | Warfare | Philosop

Lone Wolvery: A Expanding Discourse on Operating as a Lone Wolf in Times of Change

What's useful to know about being an effective  Lone Wolf  in times of change (with links to useful resources) Let's start with a definition of a Lone Wolf, at least how I intend to use it in this post, because there are a few. Not all of them are complementary. A Lone Wolf is a warrior who, for one reason or another, is isolated from their cadres, and decides to operate independently to further the cause. They are not Lone Wolves by choice but by circumstances.  Okay, so some might make the choice to operate alone, but the majority of those who join my Lair Pack   have a deep desire to connect to something bigger than themselves. A yearning is stirred within them to 'come home' to somewhere that is hard to articulate. They feel an internal push to get involved , to DO something that assists an identified mission, but are not able to join the insiders. Lone Wolves find themselves on the outer of this mission they strongly want to be involved in. Why are they not able

The Wolf and The Stag

FACES OF GOD Artist: Bitter-Tree Bitter Tree · Faces of God No deceiver or saviour will see me on my knees The wolf and the stag emerged from the same door Hopeless and fearless is time scrawled up above Who dares to mock me with words writ on high Each empire falls and wise men write as each season passes and bird call changes tune I have done nothing wrong No question does not already hold the truth just that we cannot comprehend how they are asked or what to say No storm can keep my feet at bay as I pursue the light and plant my flag among the infinite upon solemn peak Each fleeting thought and every breath of wailing wind contains the germ and the key only the infinite can see The wolf and the stag emerged from the same door where sunlight passes through and I can say that I am whole and you are too  Soundcloud Link to Audio Audio   Backup Link

The Truth About the Anunnaki (video notes)

This post will have a curation of notes that I take while watching this 7½ hour video from AllatRa. I doubt I'll be able to watch it in one sitting, so expect this post to be incomplete as I keep coming back to here to add more as I watch more. Note that many comments and discussion points are taken from Zhanna's AlienSoul28 account over on TikTok, so you may want to check it out beforehand. The presenter explains that the Anunnaki are human, highly developed, friendly, peaceful. They're here to help us advance and unite ... in order to survive the upcoming global cataclysm. Help us to develop both morally and technologically so we can start colonising other planets. They are the figurative 'repairman' of the universe. Zhanna comes from the planet Vamfim, an artificial planet that the Anunnaki created for themselves. Question about Nibiru ... Igor Mikhailovich explains it is Nubira, meaning behind the sun. It's real name (he looks at Zhanna and asks, "Sha

Zhanna of the Annunaki

I don't know by what last name she goes by, but Zhanna of the Anunakene is part of the AllatRa organisation. Dante has repeatedly advised that not all reptilians are bad.  Saying Anunakene are evil is like saying Europeans are evil. Like all such sweeping statements, they are meaningless out of context.  There are multiple players with multiple agendas with multiple engagements. Sure, some Terran folk will be disadvantaged or end up as collateral damage as a result of Anunakene interactions, but most will find their lives hardly affected, or even enhanced after a period of adjustment. White privilege? Anunakene privilege? It all depends on the attitude and agenda of the narrator. In the video below, you can watch Zhanna do her blink on request in HD. Igor also asks her to answer the question:  "Are there many of you here on planet Earth?" Zhanna answers:  "Yes. More than you'd wish, but far fewer than you'd hope for." Meaning that even having extraterre

Allatra ... an Anunakene Organisation?

Evidence? You want evidence? Then put this organisation on your radar ... Allatra. Dante features them from time to time ... most recently in the Eyes video .  They have an indepth website [ ] and countless hours of videos on their youtube channel . They are based in Russia. Well, Ukraine. Their HQ is in Kiev. They are Anunakene, I suspect, rather than Karistus. Karistus are the peace keeper force. The Anunakene are the academics and administrators. Via Allatra, they teach. Cosmic-level science. Consciousness metaphysics.  History.  They are strongly evidence based. And they are generous with offering free resources. They also instigate many noble movements designed for the betterment of humanity. And attempt to refine the human mindset. Their motto is "Good in Action." Igor Mikhailovich   Danilov  is the ostenible head.  The beautiful snake-eyed Zhana is one of the leaders.  Some interesting dots to connect  regarding IMD,   Mikhailovich  translates as th

Australians - joining the Allies

How we Australians can serve The Cause through political involvement Today, 17 Oct 2021, Dante uploaded the video featured below, of Riccardo Bosi .  It's not the first time, from memory. D loaded one previously. So it's clear to me that Riccardo and his new political party, A1, ( Australia One ) have the implied endorsement of the Karistus and their Allies.  So this time, I looked more closely. And I made a decision. To commit to and support this regional rebel leader in this particular national theatre of the ongoing spiritual war. Riccardo Umberto Guerrino Bosi, Born 9 March 1960 Video  Backup link Before forming his movement, Riccardo Bosi was a command-level Special Forces officer for the Australian Army and then a high-level business adviser consulting in leadership, strategy and innovation.  Like many high achievers in Australia, particularly those who weren't born into any elite family, he is a child of European migrants. This is important to know because such folk

Trickster Role Model: Martin Geddess

"I get a kick out of annoying bad people by applying my talent for mischief as widely as possible." I'm copying and pasting one of Martin's emails in full so you can feel for yourself the kind of energy he puts out. It's clean, in my opinion. He's walked through the flames and the fire of personal and corporate attacks for writing and speaking about what he stands for. He could easily have given up and walked away with his tail between his legs. But he hasn't. He's come back swinging even harder. He's resourceful and resilient. An outstanding example, in my opinion, on how to act with individual power when all the systems in the world move against you. Without further ado, here's Martin's article. I've included info at the end on how you can read more from him if you want. One of the most amusing parts of being a dissident is when enemy trolls accuse you of being a “grifter”. Someone with my background and experience generally isn’t che

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