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The Vanuatu Spiral

This is a curated post of a spiral seen 20 June 2021 over Vanuatu from Port Vila, all the way up in Santo, and in Tanna. Also seen on Mele, New Caledonia, Nessadiou, Thio, Touho, Kouaoua, and many other places nearby. The story is that it came from a failed missile launch, that the rocket was spiralling back to earth. The Norway Spiral in 2009 was ascribed with various causes as diverse as: Russian missile fair,  Nasa testing to study Northern Lights, Chinese missile testing, rocket element falling,  all apparently producing the same phenomena Spiral view from the front... I'm capturing various images, posts, and videos for future reference. I made something similar for the Norway Spiral in 2009 . Bénédicte Grange - May 7th has 5:30 from Cook Reef .

The Norway Spiral

This is a curated collection for reference. Go here for the Vanuatu Spiral on 19/20 June 2021 (depending on your time zone reference) Possibly CGI enhanced (Original video here) Alternative footage (Original video here )

Lair Update - 16 June 2021

I love adventuring between my layers of self. NEVER let anyone persuade you that you only have ONE true self or ONE true face.   We are multi-faceted beings. Is H 2 O liquid, solid, or vapour? Yes. Do mirrors always show the same thing? Remember, we reflect each other. Relating is a co-creative activity. We have multiple selves, in various layers of density, in various timelines. Each of my varied 'faces' are responsive to both the external situations as well as my internal will. But they draw on the same wellspring of authentic-ness ( yeah, I could have used the word authenticity but I wished to capture a different essence of meaning ) ... even in my deceptions, my mischiefs. So it seems that I've misadventured myself into a bit of a quandary of absence and silence. And the longer I've left it unaddressed, the more difficult it has been for me to find a graceful way out, leaving me with little option other than to say 'oops' as I pick myself up and apologise

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