The Lady Odin 
aka Loka Brenning 

Synesthesia is a marvellous sense. My names have different vibes, different colours, different essences. 
I am all. And I am more. But these are enough for now.

Now forgive me while I indulge myself on one of my favourite topics ...
Feel free to skip it and just read the TL:DR version.
1. I am a seasoned pragmatic esotericist who teaches and writes about Gods, Angels, Aliens & Magic.  All under a spiritual and metaphysical umbrella.
2. I primarily teach principles, not doctrine nor faith. I encourage wholistic critical thinking.
3. Don't be gullible, but don't be naive either. There's much to be confident and optimistic about. As well as a lot to be alert and cautious about.
4. I can help you navigate life's ambiguities with more confidence and clarity.
It's your life, your choice, your free will. 
I want you to use these fully.
Not all truth is found in the light. Therefore I am an identity-shifting, inter-realm, shadow-dancing priestess. I work unofficially on behalf of The Cause to inspire others to come on board. I'm an outsider, a free agent, just doing where my Soul guides me.

The Cause? Yes, well ... I'll get to that in due course. Just know that The Cause is a good thing, unless you're one of the bad guys.

I am a liminal creature. A grey Jedi. I live at the edge of the world, I thrive at the edge of reality. This is where my heretic soul soars.

Am I mad? Possibly.

But first, let us be clear of our definitions. Define madness. For that matter, define sanity, define consciousness, define truth.

Okay, okay, okay. You want my resume? The dreary stuff so you can put me into a category? Sure, why not. Let's play this game. It has its uses.

I am qualified in Psychology. That's as far as my mainstream career went. Because I dropped out of a normal career path a few years into it because I could see it would crush me with utter boredom if I continued. Which was a shame because I loved psychology, I love people. I wanted to help them discover and delight in the meaning of life, however they understood it.

My heart felt more at home in the mysteries. This is where I came alive. I was never one to chase security or normalcy. I was marked as a rebel, an outsider, a misfit early on. A risk taker, an intellectual adventurer.

And I love to learn. I'm always taking courses to develop the skills that really count for me.

So I followed paths less travelled.

I have qualifications (for what they're worth) as
    Reiki Master
    Feng Shui Consultant
    Creation Priestess
In one of those, I have a non-accredited PhD. And a Ministerial Ordination.

And then there's also Small Business Management.

Yeah, I love interacting with people. And problem solve. It comes easy to me. And I love to laugh and cajole people out of their doldrums and worries. I am one of those ghastly types who are always cheery. Except when I'm being serious and I get passionate about something.

You may not pick it up in my other web pages and social media posts, but I love to have fun.

Many folk I mix with are far too serious. Especially the red-pillers.

Oops! Busted!

Yes, detractors could conceivably call me a conspiracy theorist and just dismiss me out of hand. You should know that up front so you can bail too if you wish. (I'll try not to waste too much of your time if we're on different journeys.)

However, you should seriously consider that many conspiracies are not theory but fact.

Like UFO's and alien life. We are not alone in the trillions of galaxies. Life in the cosmos does not revolve around us. (And for the record, there is still a creator that figures in all this.)

Come on!  Think about it. What irrefutable proof would be acceptable to you that UFO's and aliens are real?  Proof that would not only convince you, but everybody else as well?  There's nothing, right? Even your sense of sight can be tricked with technology. What we see and hear can so, so easily be manipulated.

See how the odds are stacked against you in knowing with certainty what is real? See how the game is rigged to protect the conventional narrative or to lead you in whatever direction they want mass opinion to follow?

See? See?  Oooh, there is so much to show you about perception management.


  • Personal responsibility
  • Critical thinking
  • Whole-brain synergy
  • Noble Masculine, Authentic Feminine
  • Metaphysical Principles and Dynamics
  • Soul-based Entrepreneurial Livelihood
  • Angels and Old Gods are Aliens
  • Magic is our Birthright
  • Language as Magic in Reality Creation
  • Truth in Myths
  • Natural Science
  • Philosophy, especially on Consciousness, Will to Power
  • Respect Needs to be Earned
  • Fun and Light-heartedness


  • Red-Pilling Dogma
  • Religious and Spiritual Dogma
  • Love and Light & Faux Goddess New Age Teachings
  • Feminism
  • Unquestioning obedience
  • Political Correctness and Moral Righteousness & Outrage
  • Identification as Victim and Survivor
  • Channeled Entities
  • Authority Figures and Institutions
  • Lack of Humour

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