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Copyright and Consumerism

Copyright is a misguided idea that does more harm than good in the upliftment of consciousness within humanity.   It is loaded with fear-based assumptions that nourish greed, envy, and wrath.  Copyright cramps creativity and is incompatible with spirituality development.   caption (remove) Assumptions - implicit and explicit - underlying the concept of copyright 1. You 'own' ideas 2. Ideas can be contained and limited 3. Creativity is a resource to be harvested for profit  4. ... and to be denied to those who cannot pay for it 5. Creativity is an elitist undertaking 6. Creativity is shared in measured and controlled amounts 7. The world is filled with thieves who would steal your work in totality 8. Creative work needs to be guarded from exploitation by others This video is a cautionary tale in how creativity is controlled and exploited. Once someone has brought forward a novel concept out of the æthers that breaks new ground, it becomes part of the field of collective conscio

Lair Update - 7 May 2021

In this Spiritual War, it's true that your weaknesses are exploited by the enemy. Nonetheless, the responsibility to overcome this subversive assault is fully yours.  Do you see this as an adventure, a satisfying and challenging game for mystic masterminds that helps you to break new ground or strengthen your strategies, or do you grit your teeth and hope to heaven that you have the stamina to endure before you find your breakthrough? The major irony is that your weakness is also your genius. It's reflected in the Delphic maxim of  Know Thyself  that carries the gravitas of life-altering truth. My weakness that is frequently exploited by the enemy is my curiosity and the overload of information that I cause to be unleashed. If there were ten versions of me, I'd cope. But, (as far as I know,) it's just me. Which would be all well and fine if I hadn't committed to a public role. Because the avalanche of insights and connections has the tendency to paralyse me out of t

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