Lair Update - 7 May 2021

In this Spiritual War, it's true that your weaknesses are exploited by the enemy. Nonetheless, the responsibility to overcome this subversive assault is fully yours. 

Do you see this as an adventure, a satisfying and challenging game for mystic masterminds that helps you to break new ground or strengthen your strategies, or do you grit your teeth and hope to heaven that you have the stamina to endure before you find your breakthrough?

The major irony is that your weakness is also your genius. It's reflected in the Delphic maxim of Know Thyself that carries the gravitas of life-altering truth.

My weakness that is frequently exploited by the enemy is my curiosity and the overload of information that I cause to be unleashed. If there were ten versions of me, I'd cope. But, (as far as I know,) it's just me.

Which would be all well and fine if I hadn't committed to a public role. Because the avalanche of insights and connections has the tendency to paralyse me out of the game. I am so busy chasing all the flutter-by's that I find it hard to catch one.

I'm taking this all-too-familiar situation with a dose of compassionate detachment. Why? Because guilt just makes the situation so much darker and sticky.

And besides, I've been here many times before, so I know it's not going to end tragically.  Definitely nothing worth being an over-the-top drama queen about it.

Anyway ... back to the focus of what's happening and what I'm working on in this phase of severely scattered and limited attention span.

Here's the thing ... lots of ideas for instruction and inspiration cross my mind every day ... hourly ... but to capture them for long enough to funnel them into a useful format, well, that's the challenge. Often, one inspired thought is immediately bumped out by another.

Twitter is where I can seem to capture many of them ... short, pithy, sometimes snarky comments in response to what I sense as misguided perceptions. I do like to throw thoughts down on Twitter because I can go back through them and expand them in another format. For me, Tweets are my fast and dirty captures.

Posts, like this one, take a while to unfold. As do lessons, and emails. They all require crafting, and with my current attention deficit phase, making decisions on which platform to use provides another layer of challenge.

From long experience, these phases are episodic. They, too, will pass, and I'll return to being focused

I might have lost a passing battle, but I've certainly not lost the war. 

Sadly ... too accurate

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