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Jupiter Politics

Lot, the guy who escaped Sodom, was a child molester.  The child in question was his daughter, an adult woman.  Child can refer to an adult offspring.  Dante has again uploaded an accusatory video and again removed it after a few hours. Something he seems to do on a semi-regular basis.  Now, there's nothing like a trigger-word accusation to see who in your circle is able to do some higher level critical thinking. This is quite possibly a test by the accuser to see who questions and who doesn't. For better or worse, I do. I don't feel my loyalty to Azazael to be compromised. Having the inclination to read between the lines makes me comfortable with apparent contradictions and cognitive dissonances. Intrigues and manoeuverings happen in every court and in every hall of power. People are foolish to think in terms of black and white. Note that Dante has not accused Paul of being a pedophile . He specifically uses the term child molester. Pay attention. Words matter !!!!! So wh

Jupiter Teachings ... Axioms of Power

 These videos and insights are from/through Jamael. ( Screenshot ) Video Screenshots ( Screenshot ) Part 2

Trishul - Energy Weapon of the Gods

A messy post but a useful depository of images and info on ancient energy weapons for the time being. Odin's spear Gungnir Thunderbolts Mjölnir Vajra (Tibetan  Dorje ) Why does the devil have a pitchfork? (One answer from Quora) Hades, god of the underworld, known to the Romans as Pluto, is the closest classical cognate to our figure of the devil. The symbols of Hades included his throne (he was king of the underworld—the land of the dead), his hound Cerberus who sometimes had 2 or 3 heads, and his “sceptre.” This sceptre, in more recent centuries, is sometimes describes as a “bident”—a two pronged equivalent of Poseidon’s trident. However classical writers are imprecise on this point, and on the exact nature of Hades staff. Ovid writes, in Metamorphoses: The naiad Cyane held out her arms outstretched to bar his [Hades] way. But Hades restrained his wrath no longer. Urging on his steeds, his terrible steeds, and brandishing aloft his royal sceptre in his strong right arm, he hurled

Magnetic control

 When you look at just the headline for this 2016 article, what comes to mind for you? Are you connecting some dots with the recent images and clips online about metal objects staying on jabbed flesh?

SSP Terms & Names

The Oort Cloud is a territorial marker, as is the asteroid belt Gleaned from the interview with Johan Fritz, removed from YT but available on Bitchute   Acronyms 13C Intercept program,  A-Tip (or 8-Tip?) programs fall under EDF  AG’s - Antarctic Germans EDF - Earth Defence Force → from ground level to the moon - Report to the ICC through the JDFC ICC - Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (governing body) …  JDFC - Joint Defence Forces Command. HQ is on Moon, but training facilities on Moon and Mars (Ares Prime) … big bootcamp. Oversees ... LOCC - Lunar Operations Command Centre (Base Name) MCC - Mars Corporate Command (governing body of Mars) MDF - Mars Defence Force OP’s (Operational Posts) or Listening Posts (LP’s) in 53 systems around the galaxies. Tau Ceti  USAPS - unacknowledged special access programs YNK  -  Yozoru no Kyushu - is the Asian version of the Nacht Waffen → a lot of cyborg tech came from here. Craft Names USSS Patton, USSS Franklin - Star Cruisers  19-20 miles long

SSP: An introduction

SSP = Secret Space Program.  Fact or myth? I don't know with absolute certainty. But I do observe that there are a number of people who consider it real enough to devote their lives to exposing it. I do not consider that they are in cahoots with each other to manufacture a massive confabulation. But ... even if this was a massive hoax, I'd be looking at why . In particularly, why this set of information and scenario, and to what end? And considering the recent creation of the US Space Force, to me, that lends a lot of credence to the existence of current space-based activity and threats. A caution: this video will raise more questions than it answers. Usually I take private notes on videos like this, but then I tend to lose track of them (I have a number of platforms and apps ... doesn't really help in keeping track of saved info), so I think I'll do more of these here on my blog (fingers crossed that my account isn't compromised and taken down.) Yes, I know ... thi

Vision: Baseline Human Capabilities

This is a reference file to record standard human baselines in terms of speed and frequencies. So, be warned. This will be a very dull and dry post. Speed of vision: How fast can we see? Comments: What we SEE and what we can make sense of are not the same. Can our brains keep up with processing information coming in at high speeds ... and can our bodies respond to them in tandem? This is moving into the realm of peripheral vision and instincts ... and lots of training, but even to the most exacting standards, there would be an upper limit defined by our biology. Ah ... now we come into the field of bio-tech enhancements. There are many beings that move faster than human vision can track. Depending on the speed, these will be seen as a blur or just simply invisible. And if the eye were to sense it, it would be with the peripheral rods and not the focal cones. What frequencies are visible to us? Comments: Technology is simply a means to enhance our natural human range of perception and

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