The Rules Of This World Don't Apply To Gods

An apparently taboo theme that weaves through my life is that of individual POWER.

Particularly the Power of Rulers. Decision Makers, Leaders. The ones who decide the course for the masses.

The ones who are above the law because they're the ones who determine them for the rest of us based upon our collective consciousness and cultural maturity.

Related to Power is Self-Confidence.

I enjoy watching people who are in the public eye who have not one shred of doubt in themselves. Like Donald Trump. Like Nobility. Ones who laugh off their own foibles and scandals and have no ounce of shame or regret over their actions.

Arrogant much?

What has been lost in the meaning of the word arrogant is the idea of claiming for one's self

Powerful people are dangerous people
They have the capability to rearrange your world, often in unpleasant ways.

What a lot of non-powerful people don't realise is that with power comes responsibility. 

The Charisma of Personal Power

Power is sexy because it draws others towards it. Literal attraction, an etheric magnetism.

Self-contained power ... internally generated from self awareness and self confidence ... knowing one is competent or can become competent in what one chooses ... knowing one's mission and purpose, knowing your role in the bigger scheme of things, whether as a leader of many or as a lone wolf. 

Power is predatory by nature, not least because of the charisma factor. 

Nature is predatory ... nature is powerful ... the stronger consume or subsume the weaker. This is a well-known alchemical law.

Democracy is an illusion ... a theatre to appease those of lesser power.

Power is often accompanied by strength ... whether personal physical strength, or an externalised display of strength, as in personal guards or superior technology.


Yes, even when women yield it. Power drives action and change. Power is YANG even when applied in YIN settings such as nurturing.

Women wield power in a different manner to men. They are more subtle in their aggression. It's no surprise that women's historical weapons of choice include daggers and poisons rather than duels or fisticuffs. Character assassination, demoralisation. Women tend to be more cruel

Power is NEUTRAL

Power in and of itself, just is. Like the strength of a supernova. However, in the context of consciousness, Power highlights what already exists.


There are two ways ... born into a situation that fosters it or claim it.

If you are born into it (or fostered into it), it will be as natural as the air that you breathe. Your family and those who surround you will, by their actions and conversations, keep subliminally reinforcing your power.

However, this environment is often brutal, and will not tolerate any weaknesses. This segment is notorious for figuratively eating their young. Natural - or unnatural - selection is strong in this sphere of society. Never assume that the privileged have it easy. That is just pure envy from outsiders who have no understanding of the savage interpersonal dynamics that are at play.

So, on the one hand, the young ones are inculcated and groomed to be powerful, to take their place among the ELite, but on the other hand, ruthlessly scanned for personal character weaknesses. The ELite are often harder on those they are close to than their more distant associates because they have to make a show of not being seen to be soft on their own.

They never doubt their worth. They would NEVER consider themselves unworthy of life's bounty. They confidently claim what they desire.

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