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SongSpell: "Krigsgaldr" by Heilung

Krigsgaldr translates, loosely, as a War Song Magic,  and has the intention to strengthen the spirit, bravery, and focus of warriors. This is a powerful song for the peace-keeping warriors who defend and protect their people from predation and conquest. The beautiful animation in this video is based on the prolific bronze age petroglyphs in Tanumshede in Sweden. Lyrics Min Warb Naseu Wilr Made Thaim I Bormotha Hauni Hu War Hu War Opkam Har a Hit Lot Got Nafiskr Orf Auim Suimade Foki Afa Galand What am I supposed to do If I want to talk about peace and understanding But you only understand the language of the sword What if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfall But you only understand the language of the sword What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace But you only understand the language of the sword I let the blade do the talking... So my tongue s

The Making of Real Life X-Men: Invisibility

The original article is here . I am re-posting as a backup. Of all the superpowers in the animal kingdom, the squid’s ability to turn invisible is one of the coolest. And now scientists at the University of California, Irvine have managed to recreate that in human cells for the first time, granting them tuneable transparency. Active camouflage is a survival strategy used by many cephalopods, including octopuses, squids and cuttlefish. The animals pull off this feat with the help of cells that change how light scatters off of them, allowing them to change color or effectively turn transparent. Understandably, this could come in very handy for new camouflage materials. But could this ability be transferred to our own cells? That was what the new study set out to investigate. The researchers focused on a particular species of squid called Doryteuthis opalescens, which can change a stripe along its body from white to transparent. This stripe is made up of reflective cells cal

Resource: How to Be a Hero - The Psychology of Heroism

This video dovetails with my Cosmic Warrior Course (to be completed soon). For the transcript go to

Weird Sky Sounds: 23 May 2020

23 May 2020 in Bryan Texas These are a collection of Daniel Robb's videos, but these sounds were apparently heard, recorded, and uploaded by others from nearby locations on the same night. Commenters also note hearing similar noises at other times in other parts of the world. (NTS: backed up) (NTS: backed up)  (NTS: backed up) NTS: backed up) Possible Explanations (proposed by commentors) Spiritual warfare: demon cries Aztec Death Whistle Haarp Atmospheric Inversions "different air streams which hit diametrically against one another " is what produces the sound of the Aztec Death whistle" Alien invasion Alien battle Angel battle - good vs evil Cern Portals to other dimensions, demons/entities/Chitauri pouring through Fake

Blue Lights in the Sky

Image (NTS: Backed up) This is a good video that explores alternative explanations for one type of observed sky phenomena There is more information on their webpage .

Epic Times Require Epic Actions

What’s driving you to despair these days? What’s making you feel like your life and the future is out of control. It does look pretty bleak out there, doesn’t it? My intention is to offer a message and a path to hope and …. Peace? Power? Strength? … for both yourself and for the people around you who you love, cherish, and value. I want you to be a vortex of the power of goodness. I want you to choose and COMMIT to the side of moral decency, virtue, Truth of your creation, wholeness, radiance, honour, of incorruptible character, dignity, noble. Epic times require epic actions. Be the stillness in the storm. Be the vortex that draws on higher powers and makes them manifest in the world through the honour of your actions and reputation. Be one of the good people that Angels search for in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah so that  God doesn’t destroy these cities with his wrath. This cannot be a movement of many. This can only be an individual recalibration that each of us

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