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The Painter

 "And I'm a million different people from one day to the next" ~Bittersweet Symphony~ Wyrd sidenote: This original post was stripped of all content when I published it, despite not having any connection issues as I was crafting it. I take it that someone isn't fond of what I'm assembling here. I'll keep a watch on this one to see if anything else glitches. Dante in his Ruben period Here you will see how I do some quick investigative research online, to arrive at a place beyond reasonable doubt about any claims made, to see what other connections are unearthed, and to just check out how far the connections extend. Yes, I follow up many things that Dante says. I haven't found an obvious misdirection yet. That's not to say he doesn't, but that he covers his tracks well.  Okay, beginning with a search for the name ... not much comes up, and will depend on your search engine of course. On Goggle (!) a number of the search results lead to an earlier post

You are the Torus ... Koo Koo Ka Chu

A lesson outline download brain-centred (masculine dynamics) heart-centred (feminine dynamics) similar to relationship ... but WITHIN one's self there will either be harmony and synergy, or cacophonous discord (which may or may not be creative and lead to breakthroughs to new levels) Related Black Holes (... and White Holes) Singularity ... the pivot point of being and non-being Event Horizon ... the boundary of no return Einstein Rosen Bridge (Thor, Bifrost) Portals Stargates Wormholes

For Christians, Start Here ... A Modern-Day Mystery School Awaits

This post is for those who identify as Christian and may not be sure about stepping into a broader perspective. Particularly if consider that (your version of) the Bible is an accurate rendition of God's word, and an indisputable record of past events. There's no real easy way to begin this, so I'm just gonna dive right in. Like every religion on this planet since the beginning, there is a mix of truth , disinformation, and massive layers of hidden history.  Organised religion is a political and social engineering tool. Controlling and directing the population along planned trajectories, sometimes for benevolent reasons, sometimes (more often) for self-serving and nefarious reasons. And depending on who is telling the tale, the hero and villain characters will change places. Note that I did not include Spirituality in that statement. Religion hijacks and exploits the innate inclination to connect with higher realms and higher beings.  So, you could legitimately ask ... WHY

Meditation to Activate Your Quest

Rough notes capturing a rapid flow ... may or may not be tidied up later. Yeah, I know many of you will think that Meditation isn't the right word. Many people are caught in the the zombie zone and they just want OUT Meditations intend for you to QUIET ... to pull into your centre ... to STILLness. Activations take that inner calmness and allow it to be pulled UPward and OUTward. I'm using the word Activate until I find a better term. Okay ... so why activate? POWER, baby. No, no. Not to become a tyrant, but to become the best version of your Superhero.  Many of you have shadows that you try to suppress, contain, annihilate. Your shadows are your shames. Activation uses your shadows as your batteries. USE MUSIC AS ACTIVATOR First show movie-let ... The Shaman Why? To demonstrate Music as activator/carrier of magic ... energies ... states of consciousness Offer this violin-heavy compilation to get participants started. The BEST pieces are what I call EPIC music ... that draw fo

Incarnated And Conscious

Those who have followed me awhile probably know that I'm not an ascensionista . I'm having too much fun here, and not planning to return 'home' anytime soon. It just feels too ... dreary ... to contemplate. So I'm thinking ... why is separation assumed to be a FALL or a corruption? A degradation that leads to ignorance of our true nature? Could we not have a separation with full consciousness of who we are? You know ... for an adventure, a joyous exploration. Could we not have full recall in this current incarnated journey without having to live like an Indian or Daoist ascetic, and continue to have fun and make light, playful mischief? I think this would spawn an entire new realm of galaxies and civilisations! If you can imagine it, you can create it. Huzzah!

A Revealing Tale about the Prince of Darkness

By VS Ferguson In the Kali Yuga the Darkside rules and the Light is veiled, hidden, submerged. Blinded by greed, the actions of the ignorant, the deluded, and the foolish bring about the inevitable dissolution of the world - so that the next four cycles of time may begin. The existence of a polarity universe requires light and darkness, good and evil, truth and falsehood. The Darkside is playing its part. You might say it is their job, their dharma. Some do it very well - and here is the story of one…   The Prince of Darkness Meets His World Elite Appropriating Planet Earth Hovering over the city, the Prince of Darkness sat in his black helicopter. He glanced at his Italian shoes and noticing a scuffmark, summoned one of his servant girls. A beautiful Oriental child approached him on her knees and, her eyes cast down, began to polish the rich dark leather on his $1000 shoes. He looked out the helicopter window, thinking how he enjoyed these yearly meetings with the elite technocrat man

Astral Worlds or ET Worlds - Does It Matter?

A War in the Heavens: In the Far Reaches of Outer & Inner Space by VS Ferguson   [See original post here . I consider this important to curate for my Lair Pack.] Is there a war going on out there in the far reaches of outer and therefore inner space, a War in the Heavens as many have alluded? If there is such a war, what would that mean to us here on planet Earth in terms of our belief systems, our safety and sovereignty? In 1995 Courtney Brown started the Farsight Institute to teach remote viewing techniques. In the early days of his endeavors, he was very open about what he was doing and what he was ‘seeing’. For a time he posted the most amazing reports that were emerging from his and others remote viewing events. These reports often concerned governments, the ETs, and catastrophic occurrences that would knock-the-socks-off most of us readers. One day such mind blowing accounts stopped cold, and many concluded that Courtney had been approached and after some ‘discussion’ was per

Tales of A Multidimensional Life

I consider it a truism that we cannot create what we cannot imagine. This is why storytellers are essential ... CRITICALLY essential in expanding our consciousness. I indulge a suspicion that they are really gods-in-training, practicing their world-building and capriciousness upon their chosen spotlighted protagonists. Link 1: Inanna Returns PDF Link 2:  Inanna Returns  PDF Link 1: Inanna HyperLuminal PDF Link 2:  Inanna HyperLuminal  PDF I got so much from these books after finding them as freely-offered downloads, that I have safe-guarded their storage for future access, as neither books are available on Kindle, unless you read German.  Here's a  third-party review of both books partially para phrased written: V. Susan Ferguson self-published her novels – Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal.  Apparently, Ms Ferguson was reading Sitchin’s The Wars of Gods and Men when she experienced a series of spontaneous retrievals from her genetic cache.  The Sumerian goddess Inanna ap

Fundamental Questions about Humanity

It will really help you to bring your beliefs about Humanity out from your subconscious and into the open. Even if you're not sure or haven't made up your mind yet, it will still be useful for navigating around seductive rhetoric from those who make definitive statements about the nature of life - in the cosmos, on this planet, YOU - that tolerates no contradiction. From my own journey - past and present - I've noticed that there are three primary perspectives about life as a Homo Sapien: there is nothing beyond the brief phenomena of life ... it's just a bio-chemical occurrence life has a spiritual purpose and we live in the middle of spiritual realms life on Terra is a neighbourhood with life on other planets as well. Are these mutually exclusive? Not necessarily ... that will depend on you, how hard-line your understanding is. For me? They're not exclusive, and there is overlap. Beings on other planets also have a spiritual life, for instance.  To help you under

Black Goo | A Curation

Why this is important to me? ... Ah ... because it's magic! Techno-magic Hybrid Techno-Organo-Psycho magic As Techno magic ... very niched technology, not widely known, with a variety of applications, including military, industrial, and medical. Knowledge about how to use it possibly filtered into the humanosphere by off-worlders. But the goo itself may have arrived much, much earlier. As Organo-magic ... contains information that interfaces with, and influences proto- and subsequent planetary biologies, including sentient ones.  As Psycho-magic ... when it interfaces with human biology, consciousness is either controlled or altered. Also elicits deep primal fears and revulsion ... resonant with the Abyss, the primal darkness. Fear of being consumed, absorbed. (interestingly, compare this fear with it's opposite ... ascension into the light) With the following videos, note that I'm not necessarily endorsing them, but simply gleaning from them certain ideas for consideration

Love, Free Will, & Chaos

First thoughts: Organisational Orders that are based in love, allow free will to be expressed. Free Will allows for some members of the Order to disagree with the majority and to even break away. Free Will allows dissidents to create alternative narratives which have the potential to divide the Order. Love allows Free Will which allows Chaos Therefore Love allows Chaos through Free Will

Hyperflesh - another assault on your ability to trust yourself

Okay ... so you ALREADY KNOW not to trust everything you see. These life-like masks takes it to another level. Now ... you may feel ready to throw your hands in the air and give up in despair. What's the use - right? - if you can't trust your senses to tell what's real and what's not real around you.  But ... consider this a challenge to sharpen some of your OTHER senses. A test to trust your intuitive or instinctual discernment. Or a challenge to navigate with confidence through illusions, needing less attachment to the idea of certainty.  MUTABILITY is a hallmark of magic, and the state of natural order on many worlds.  Remember to see the OPPORTUNITY in every situation.

Saudi Arabia - An interplanetary confluence?

This post is a curation of a site of archaeological and cosmically wistful interest for me. I first came across it from the video posted below, and was immediately enchanted with evocations of life on another planet ... Mars, perhaps, or Jupiter, or even beyond ... who knows? Although of solid Germanic heritage, the Middle East - the Cradle of Earthly Civilisation -  has always held a fascination for me. The sound of the duduk haunts my soul and makes my skin break out in goosebumps. The sensuality between the feminine and masculine of that place feels more familiar to me than that of my physical lineage.  The architecture brings an ache to my heart, the sinuous music wakens my body into ancient dance moves. The carved buildings were made by the same peoples who carved the Petra settlement in Jordan, the Nabateans . For some orientation, in case you're basically clueless about the geography of the area like me, here's a couple of maps for your head to wrap around. Dedan was m

The Latest from The Lair

What's happening and what I'm working on [ Updated: 16 July 2021 ]  I'm an ENTP* big-picture visionary and my research and thought processes are thematically kaleidoscopic, not linear or organised. ~~~ Until the next update, stay true and stay strong! *ENTP is the shit-stirrer personality type of the 16 Myers Briggs Categories. There are many free tests online for you to determine your personality type. Is this your first visit to my lair?  Below are some portal links that take you to my other writings,  curations, and random jottings. The Welcome Page About Me Page My favourite playgrounds are on Instagram , Twitter , & Facebook . Join me on one of these. Search Posts By Topic Current Post Count:    140 published posts and  151 draft posts. I'm not sure I'm gonna catch up at this rate. Aliens  |  Angels  |  Asgard  |  Azazael   |  Gods  |  Reptilian Clues For Warriors  |  Futuristic Tech  |   High Strangeness  |  Hive Mind  | Warfare | Philosop

Thunder & Lightning - It's Getting Exciting

This post will be a curation of dramatic captures of turbulent banging and crashings above our heads. Our skies are full of activity that are cloaked by clouds ... at least for now. I have a suspicion that soon we'll see conflicts out in the open ... in clear skies. More images to come, but it's a start. See full video here Soundtrack for this season ... see full video here Original FB Post here . Commentary is auto-translated from French. Finally !!! After these periods of restrictions and confinement, we had the opportunity to leave for a few days with my friend Didier for a meeting under the stars. It still took a hell of a lot of trickery to outsmart the disturbed weather last weekend. Sunday July 4, after a very wet crossing of Switzerland, the weather is fine around Lugano. The forecast models herald a multicellular thunderstorm cell over the Gulf of Trieste and a nice prospect to catch sprites. We decide to land at Mottarone, a summit overlooking Lake Maggiore in Italy.

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