Black Goo | A Curation

Why this is important to me? ...

Ah ... because it's magic!

Hybrid Techno-Organo-Psycho magic

As Techno magic ... very niched technology, not widely known, with a variety of applications, including military, industrial, and medical. Knowledge about how to use it possibly filtered into the humanosphere by off-worlders. But the goo itself may have arrived much, much earlier.

As Organo-magic ... contains information that interfaces with, and influences proto- and subsequent planetary biologies, including sentient ones. 

As Psycho-magic ... when it interfaces with human biology, consciousness is either controlled or altered. Also elicits deep primal fears and revulsion ... resonant with the Abyss, the primal darkness. Fear of being consumed, absorbed.

(interestingly, compare this fear with it's opposite ... ascension into the light)

With the following videos, note that I'm not necessarily endorsing them, but simply gleaning from them certain ideas for consideration.

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First hand account of the British recovering crates or tanks of Black Goo from the Thule Island "refinery", in 1982, by "John" who was charged with destroying the remaining facilities after the three Royal Navy Ships, one submarine and a container ship took from the base what they came for.

This is the first ever actual witness to the base to come forward in a public domain. The Black Goo, a sentient fluid, was taken back to the UK, where ultimately it was used in computers, and 25 or more Marconi deaths resulted.

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    - in vaccines
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Plausibly Deniable Revelations?

Black Goo - Engineers Genetic Accelerant?

Also, the conclusion of the movie, LUCY.

More curation to come ...

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