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How to Craft Social Mischief

This is a curation of a potently insightful X thread  by Benjamin Carlson that I considered important enough to archive on this site because it needs to be featured and highlighted. Enjoy. Or not. [ paraphrasing Sam E Antar ]   " As a corporate executive, I consider your humanity, ethics, and morality to be an exploitable weakness in the execution of my crimes. I am not constrained by the moral and ethical constraints that decent people impose upon themselves. The same thinking and strategy is used by terrorist organisations and their supporters. Your morals, ethics, and decency are exploited and used against you. " How do you make people join radical movements? Perhaps the best answer comes from Dostoevsky's forgotten masterpiece, Demons Sentenced to death for conspiracy, he knew the lure of radicalism—and saw the madness to come 28 insights on how brainwashing really works: 1.  Attract followers not with logic, but with raw feelings. Sentimentalism—playing upon soft-he

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