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Make A Habit of Sabbathing

As you are most likely aware, my personal priority in life is spiritual upliftment and spiritual strength ... far and away so much more important than the dramas playing out around us, which are totally of the material world, that is, they are about power and money. Ultimately, the Karistus fight for our freedom to pursue our true spiritual nature, unhindered and untainted from enemy influence. Just as the Goddess intended for us. Now, many of you probably no longer keep a sabbath of any kind ... a nominated day for you to replenish your soul and feed your spiritual nature. I would strongly encourage you to make some kind of sabbath commitment to yourself, to mark out some regular time to nourish yourself spiritually. Isaiah 58:13-14 13: If you turn away your foot from the sabbath, from doing your pleasures on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable; and shall honour it, not doing on it your own ways, nor doing on it your own pleasure, nor speaking

Anunnaki Buckets & Cones

  Situla & Aspergillum Note the pine cone design Book of Hours, Ram, with situla, sprinkling holy water with an aspergillum, Walters Manuscript W.102, fol. 80r detail;  Photo by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts  on  flickr (cc)

The Modern Mystery School of the Angel Aliens

This is one of my articles that I should have published months, if not years ago, but which lay dormant in draft form, simply awaiting its final polishing. Sorry about that. Let's begin by - surprise! - defining what a Mystery School is.  I'm going to first allow my own understanding to flow before searching for how others define what a mystery school is and does. So, here's my definition ... A Mystery School teaches, in numerous formats ranging from the familiar didactic to the mystic experiential, about the hidden nature of reality that surrounds an individual life and/or our collective existence.  The focus of Mystery Schools can ostensibly range from highly sacred to mundanely practical, such as teaching the healing arts or even trade mastery. Trade , you ask? Yes. Think masonry and stonework and civil engineering which built cathedrals, pyramids, temples. These skillsets link back to the sacred and mystical teachings.  Mystery Schools also rigorously test seekers and

Friends of Humanity

After the previous post describing the two enemies, it felt only fitting to look at our allies. It tickled my fancy that the image I used for our enemies had them placed laterally, side by side ... a contrivance I made with an image editor.  But our allies were shown in a vertical formation, both above us and here with us. And I really like that this post will appear above the enemy one. Very apropos, I sense. Left and right (ideologically speaking) are illusory choices. Mind games. Distractions.  The only real decision you need ... yes, NEED ... to make, is whether to rise ... whether to elevate yourself ... or not. Get over your pedanticism with the literalness of biblical teachings or the authoritarian agenda of churchianity. These simply serve to cover the truth, which is full of mysteries grounded in galactic events. You want to know the Truth, but can you handle the Truth if it is revealed to you? Would you believe it? The two main characters (as well as a few others) depicted in

Enemy Comparisons (v's vs m's)

The information I share here has been learned in the modern mystery school that I talk about ... I can't share its name because I simply don't know it. My term for it is  The Modern Mystery School of the Angel Aliens.  Every mystery school that I've ever encountered teaches about the war between good and evil. The Angel Alien school is no different, but in this case, the enemy combatants are identified as aliens. Note that this doesn't preclude them from also being known as demons or djinn or any other term.  It's useful to keep in mind the Hamlet quote by Shakespeare: “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  From what I've absorbed about these two races that I'll be discussing, I'm simply splashing out my impressions. I may be entirely wrong about one or the other, or even both. Note that I’m listing stereotypical qualities. There will be spectrums of high and low among these. Not every individual mem

Avoiding Vigilante Programming

The following wise words are from a FB post by Trevor McGrath . He wrote what I consider an excellent overview of a complex situation that is oversimplified by the media and other NWO shills. It's not black and white, people! Stop buying into this vigilante programming. You are creating unknown karmic repercussions for yourself. I know from first-hand experience that the high reaches of the entertainment industry has some sick, corrupted ways. I can share my story if asked but my point in posting this isn't my story. That's just simply my disclaimer before saying what I'm about to say. This is not to point a finger, we all fluctuate. Wake and sleep is a cycle, we all have our moments. I sure have. We're human Justice is based upon all being deemed innocent until PROVEN guilty. Nothing can be proven over a screen. Be it a TV, your cellphone or laptop screen. Especially in a world of such advanced media manipulation, hologram tech such as project blue beam etc. Guilty

Certainty is an Illusion

A colleague recently asked an unassuming but important question ...  He asked what is the significance of Putin pointing towards his eye? Here is my response ... Context is everything ... which is often difficult, if not impossible, to discern from a single snapshot in isolation. I mean, he could just be scratching his cheek, right? It could be a conscious or unconscious gesticulation to reinforce his conversational words. Or he could be sending a signal. To whom? To the priest walking beside him? To other members of his entourage hidden from the camera's view? To in-the-know members of the public who will see this image in the media? When I look at this picture, it's like translating from another language, word by word, but not understanding how those words are linked to each other ... not knowing the grammar that helps to put those words into a meaningful context. [An aside ... when I was studying Sanskrit, I had a terrible time figuring out if the elephant was IN the hous

Cognitive Warfare: The Modern Version of Spiritual Warfare. An Overview and Some Suggested Countermeasures

[ note that this post is still in development but  juicy enough  to publish ] Cognitive Warfare is the new buzzword, er, buzz-phrase in military and corporate circles. However, I'm sure it's been around a lot longer than we civilians have heard about it. It's fundamentally about keeping the population ... you, me ... reactive, so we don't have time to go deep and centre ourselves in our true spiritual nature. So herein lies a clue for a major counter-measure. Our attention spans have been manipulated over recent generations to be shorter and shorter as our information flow goes faster and faster. An interesting and highly-relevant aside ... Dante's Black Train video series clearly identifies the Industrial Revolution as when this most recent attack on humanity began in earnest. Here's a snippet I made where he explains this ... Cognitive Warfare is often confused with other types of weaponised manipulations, so here's a chart I pinched to help you understand

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