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Ancient Brain Surgery or ...

... are there some other reasons for holes in centuries-old skulls? 'Experts' create some excruciating logical convolutions when they insist on staying within a painfully restrictive world-view.Example of the current asspert opinion ... Listen to this interview with Garry Nolan by Ross Coulthart. Backup video on g-drive Transcript [ search transcript for Speciation ... and Caudate Connections (linking brain with craft) ]  

Sound of Freedom. A Psyop Of The Good Kind.

I'm bringing this post out of my drafts folder almost 6 months after I first cast my words after the hubbub this movie release created. It makes a good reference.  And YES! I am still behind Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel. I was curious to observe what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune were cast upon them in the interim. Here's the link to the Bombshell video mentioned above. 1. We are in the midst of a Spiritual War, played out at every level. 2. Broadly defined, the opponents in this Spiritual War are Creators and Destroyers. 3. Creators foster Life and well-being. Creators EMPOWER individuals. 4. Destroyers ... destroy Life and well-being . Destroyers DISEMPOWER individuals. 5. Both sides utilise psyop tactics on the population.  6. Both sides aim to claim you. You choose a side ...  consciously (as a purpose),  unwillingly (being co-opted), or ...  by default, unconsciously (as a consequence of programming). When you feel tugged between views and opinions on philosop

Black Train

How many of you recall this catchy tune featured in one of Dante's Black Train videos? Sung in Japanese ... most of us just enjoyed the tune. Who of us ever looked for translations? I did. Today. And the lyrics were quite dark and supportive of D's message in that video. I'll add them below, which you can read after you've listened to this clip. I'll add a link to the video/s as well as, for those who haven't ever seen it or who want to watch it again. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi - Black Train ( translated roughly by Google Translate ) Black Train covered in money Yesterday I became a representative. Caught bright red blood I climb the last stairs Looks like a blindfolded death row prisoner and mass media torture A train in the dark night, a severed head Wiwiwiwi The night I cried alone, being teased and trampled Wiwiwiwi Money-covered zombie Betrayal swarms through history A superficial “Say Hello!” Uprooted and bent The power to believe, love, and peace Purple swollen

Sense8: The Secret Human Species

I love coming back to this clip from time to time, just to ponder it against what I've learned and concluded for myself, to see if I still think the same.  Hive mind or not? This is at the heart of my musings.  Because, frankly, Hive Mind is creepy AF to me, and I feel the resistance to it at the deepest cellular level of my physical being. Jonas: Watch a flock of birds or a shoal of fish move as one... and you glimpse where we came from. Ask how aspen trees feel trauma hundreds of miles apart, or how a mushroom can understand the needs of a forest... you'd begin to grasp what we are. Our kind has been here since the beginning. In all likelihood, we were the beginning. What I want... is to make sure we're there at the end. But if there's another species of Homo sapien, how can it be a secret? Secrets are important to their species. Secrets are the center of their identities, of their societies. Secrets maintain their hierarchies. To reveal this secret, that there is ano

Tartaria Debunking: Dresden Example

This is a curation of a well-crafted Twitter thread: Whenever they tell you it can't be done in the modern age, show them Dresden. What's been achieved in Dresden is the most inspiring architectural feat for decades. Everything you see in the bottom image was built, from scratch, in the last 20 years. The city was a gem of German Baroque architecture, completely levelled by Allied bombings during WW2 - more than 80% of the buildings in the historic city center were either damaged or totally destroyed.  Heartbreakingly, the wonderful Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) lay in rubble for decades, under the East German communist regime which refused to rebuild it. It was left in a pile as a "memorial against war" for 50 years. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, the people endeavored to bring it back. Work began in 1993 to piece the church back together, brick by brick; every stone in the pile was sorted and carrie

Yes, I DO Consent To Be In This Matrix

It's hard to know these days who to trust. There are clowns to the left of me not to mention the jokers to the right ... everyone is twisting and turning. Creators and Destroyers. Good guys needing to do bad things in order to prevent even worse things. Bad guys doing good things as PR, and just to mess with us. External cues are no longer reliable or trustworthy. Which leaves only the internal ones. For me, the bottom line is ... who allows the freedom to think, to speak, to act? Even when you might choose unwisely. Well, allow might not be the right term here. So let's try that again ... Who doesn't impede, obstruct, negate, crush your freedom to think, to speak, to act in ways you desire to? THAT's what I watch for. Even if it IS a multi-layered chess game. 'Cos I'm in! I'm just as much a player, a participant, in this cosmic game as any of the clowns and jokers. I gave my consent when I chose to be born into this matrix. I'm here for self-mastery.

How to Craft Social Mischief

This is a curation of a potently insightful X thread  by Benjamin Carlson that I considered important enough to archive on this site because it needs to be featured and highlighted. Enjoy. Or not. [ paraphrasing Sam E Antar ]   " As a corporate executive, I consider your humanity, ethics, and morality to be an exploitable weakness in the execution of my crimes. I am not constrained by the moral and ethical constraints that decent people impose upon themselves. The same thinking and strategy is used by terrorist organisations and their supporters. Your morals, ethics, and decency are exploited and used against you. " How do you make people join radical movements? Perhaps the best answer comes from Dostoevsky's forgotten masterpiece, Demons Sentenced to death for conspiracy, he knew the lure of radicalism—and saw the madness to come 28 insights on how brainwashing really works: 1.  Attract followers not with logic, but with raw feelings. Sentimentalism—playing upon soft-he

Free Will Requires Courage

If there's one thing that my life revolved around, it would be reminding people that they have Free Will.  ALWAYS. Even when you choose not to claim it.  You have Free Will regardless of the matrix that you feel contained within. Even a slave or a prisoner has Free Will ... the freedom to choose what to think, how to feel, how to perceive their situation and react to it. This takes courage. Courage to take responsibility for your autonomy. Courage to look at the larger picture of your Soul's journey within your particular matrixed incarnation. Courage to learn those fucking lessons that you came here for. Most people find it easier to be cowardly when it comes to Free Will ... to allow others to guide them in what to think, what to feel, what to value, how to live, etc. Sorry, not sorry, but I don't have any sympathy or respect for those who whinge and moan about feeling manipulated into feeling helpless and powerless.  Knowing you are free, even if you are bound and gagged

Stargates & Portals Mischief

This is a curation of various information where I gather about Stargates as I stumble across them.  Right off the mark, let's look at the doctored photos that keep cropping up on social media and in uninformed youtube videos that feature a Lovecraftian type sculpture set in a historical archaeological dig context. There is a widely circulating set of photos, like the one below, that  were created by Andrea Bonazzi , a Genoa-based multi-media creator who uses these photos as contexts for his sculptures. You can find more about his work on his Facebook page . If you see anyone perpetuating these photos as 'evidence' of historical stargates, please correct them. Navigating the truth is tricky enough without having to deal with intentional misdirections.  a creative rendition original photo In response to my exposure on FB, trusted colleague, KD, wrote:  " The one's I've SEEN are invisible to the 3D Eye. But if you take a picture it will show up as a Dark Hole B

More is Good

Okay ... I'm done!  I'm done with focusing on those who share this planet with me in current time, claim to be 'higher frequency' but who don't hold the vision of our greatness. I'm done with those who see only the worst of humanity and then paint the WHOLE of humanity with the same brush.  For example ... castigating humanity for its apparent selfishness and defining it as greed and rapaciousness, leading to ruthless competitiveness. So wouldn't it be best for our species if we just got rid of selfishness? Wouldn't it be just *fabulous* [snark] if, for example, all car manufacturers would just get together to design one amazing vehicle that would last for almost-ever so that we wouldn't have so much waste and debt, etc, etc? While sounding logically righteous, there are a number of false assumptions that discussions like this rest on.  The main one, as I see it, is that we've been programmed to belief that our desire for more is bad by calling

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