Yes, I DO Consent To Be In This Matrix

It's hard to know these days who to trust. There are clowns to the left of me not to mention the jokers to the right ... everyone is twisting and turning.
Creators and Destroyers. Good guys needing to do bad things in order to prevent even worse things. Bad guys doing good things as PR, and just to mess with us.
External cues are no longer reliable or trustworthy. Which leaves only the internal ones.

For me, the bottom line is ... who allows the freedom to think, to speak, to act? Even when you might choose unwisely.
Well, allow might not be the right term here. So let's try that again ... Who doesn't impede, obstruct, negate, crush your freedom to think, to speak, to act in ways you desire to?
THAT's what I watch for. Even if it IS a multi-layered chess game. 'Cos I'm in! I'm just as much a player, a participant, in this cosmic game as any of the clowns and jokers.

I gave my consent when I chose to be born into this matrix.
I'm here for self-mastery. To develop my power and strength, so I can be of better service to life.
I'm here for exploration and discovery of all the kaleidoscopic convolutions of consciousness, and learning to navigate through them without being pulled under and needing to restart the game ... if I still wanted to keep playing.

I'm not averse to AI. I'm not averse to Transhumanism. These are ancient issues, long in use, by ALL sides. They are simply backdrops for new levels of the playground of self-mastery.

There's that saying that when you only have a hammer, everything around you is a nail.
Well, it's the same for your perception. When you only see the elite and the gods (Anunnaki, whatever) as a group of collective tyrants, you become suspicious of literally everything. Technology, social engineering, genetic engineering, etc.
These things are NEUTRAL ... like weapons are neutral. Like knowledge is neutral. BOTH ... or ALL ... sides/factions use them.

The ONLY thing that differentiates all players on any critical scale is the QUALITY OF THEIR CHARACTER ... individually and collectively.

Which, incidentally, is the only thing YOU CAN CONTROL FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!

I emerged into my perspective ...
  • When I learned over a series of decades not to take things so personally.
  • When I learned to not take life so seriously and stopped seeing it as a struggle.
  • When I learned that I was more than my physical incarnation.
  • When I learned that I'm here to learn and grow and play ... and that lessons can be fun!
  • When I learned that curiosity is at the heart of life.
  • When I learned that fun is a life-affirming value.

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