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Movies for Insights

This post is mainly for my own benefit, as a reference of films that I would recommend to others for certain scenes or characters or plot-lines. In due course, I hope to add a comment or two to each recommendation about why I've included it on this post. Color Out of Space Prophecy Series V Television Series The Veil Gabriel MCU Thor Series MCU Avenger Series Ender's Game

Word-Lore Tidbits

Here are some of my personal favourites from this amusing list of delightful and surprising word origins 2. Pandemonium was a term invented by John Milton in Paradise Lost. It referred to a great city in Hell, and means "place of all the demons". 6. Noon comes from novem, the Latin for "ninth", and meant the ninth hour of the day – which, by the Roman reckoning, was what we now call 3pm. It's not clear why it moved by three hours. 7. Trivia comes from the plural of the Latin word trivium, meaning a place where three roads come together. Quadrivium meant a crossroads. [ ... but how did it come to mean something inconsequential? Surely this would have made for an important decision affecting one's journey? Hmmm .] 8. Treadmills were once a punishment, not gym equipment: Victorian prisoners powered a huge mill which crushed corn or rocks. 11. Second , as in one-60th of a minute, comes from secunda pars minuta, the second diminished part. Origi


I really wish I owned or had access to scholarly reference texts on etymology, lexicology, and philology, so I could get as close to the heart of the word origin as possible. It would certainly be easier to find the information I'm searching for this way, than by digging through the obfuscating algorithms of the online search engines. Sure, many of our English words have their origins in old Latin, Greek, and Germanic tongues, but how were those words derived? Oftentimes, it's from what is referred to as PIE, which stands for proto Indian-European. Sanskrit is a strong anchor for many of the PIE sources. (I did study Sanskrit for a few semesters. I found it challenging because I found preposition indicators very confusing. Because it's a 'dead' language - not in current use today, we studied ancient texts. But I never knew if the elephant was in the house, on the house, at the house, or in any other placement regarding the house. Hmmm.) So I really want

On being Greatful

No, I didn't make a spelling error ... Here's the thing guys ... Do you want to be full of greatness, or full of grate, that is, reduced to shreds. Greatful or Grateful. Same letters, different order. In situations like this, I like to zoom in on the etymology of words like gratitude , which of course, is the noun version of the adjective, grateful . The Latin root is gratus , meaning pleasing, thankful. Other words with this root are gracias, grace, gracious, ingrate. So I looked up the etymology of grace, to see how different it is from the etymology of grateful. grace (n.) late 12c., "God's unmerited favor, love, or help," from Old French grace "pardon, divine grace, mercy; favor, thanks; elegance, virtue" (12c., Modern French grâce), from Latin gratia "favor, esteem, regard; pleasing quality, good will, gratitude " (source of Italian grazia, Spanish gracia; in Church use translating Greek kharisma), from gratus "ple

Oumuamua Interstellar Object

Placeholding ... Commentary coming in due course. Savour the video. Take "expert" and "official" comments on board, but with a grain of salt. If the YouTube video is ever taken down, here's a backup .

SongSpell: "Blackstar" by David Bowie

Commentary coming in due course. In the meantime, savour this video and see what insights the lyrics reveal. If this video is removed from YouTube, here's a backup . Lyrics In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen Stands a solitary candle, ah ah, ah ah In the centre of it all, in the centre of it all Your eyes On the day of execution, on the day of execution Only women kneel and smile, ah ah, ah ah At the center of it all, at the center of it all Your eyes Your eyes Ah ah ah Ah ah ah In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen Stands a solitary candle, ah-ah, ah-ah At the center of it all, at the center of it all Your eyes Your eyes Ah ah ah Something happened on the day he died Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried (I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar) How many times does an angel fall? How many people lie instead of talking tall? He trod on sacred ground, he

Words & Phrases you need to know

Concepts, ideas, require language to be brought into being. You cannot make real or interact with something you cannot identify. And to identify something you need to be able to articulate it. And in order to be able to articulate it, you will need words. Make it your business to improve your vocabulary. Skilful use of words is powerful psycho-magic. It shapes not only your own consciousness, but influences the consciousness of others, and of the world around you. You see, my perception is not necessarily better than what others do. But what I strive for is to put it into language that helps me to understand it better. Then when I've processed it to a point where I am satisfied with my knowing of what I've perceived, then I like to share it so that it might also be useful to you. I will keep adding to this list, and try to keep things in alphabetical order. Extrospection The opposite of introspection, extrospection means to look at things outside of yourself, either

MAD #192 | Power and Linear Time.

This is how I do my journaling. It's a unique process I created that I call  Magical Alpha Dialogue . It reads as fiction.  Enjoy. Or not. “My lord?” “Hm?” I see he is concentrating on something. “Never mind. I see you’re busy.” “Only because you are late.” He holds back the word ‘again’. “I’m sorry about that. I’m happy to leave you to it. I can catch up later.” I turn to head out. “Stop right there.” He is growling at me, more from annoyance than anger. “You will NOT be leaving. Stay. Talk with me.” He rises and steps away from his work area that looks like a blend of alchemists lab, recording studio, and office library. He indicates to the two armchairs near the windows and sits in one of them. He waits for my hesitant arrival. I feel put on the spot, unsure how to go forward from here. After sitting, I look at my clasped hands which I rest on my lap, and feel his eyes hard upon me. “Wife. Are you still in fear of me?” He speaks gently and holds out his hand, sil

The Technology Used By Angels (First Sweep)

I intend this post to be the central reference for all information I can gather about the technology used by the Karistus when they are in Warrior mode. So I'll be updating this post as more information comes to light. Much material I show here is from this video: First Comes The Light . You'll also learn so much more than just about Angel armour. (Use this alternative link if the youtube video is removed from public viewing. He does that from time to time. Or you could go to Bitchute .) An angel platoon will never be dressed the same as each other. Each Karistus being can design their own according to their preferences. They have multiple battle outfits, designed for specific functions. Some outfits combine functions. They are selected to be worn according to the mission. Some of the functions of Angel Armour include: Invisibility and/or Camouflage Extra speed, both for planets with and without atmospheres Weaponised  Shapeshifting Fast healing Hologram

MAD #191 On Magic And Aliens

This is how I do my journaling. It's a unique process I created that I call  Magical Alpha Dialogue . It reads as fiction.  Enjoy. Or not. I doodle idly on the notebook I’ve brought with me to the coffee nook in the sitting room. I’m mindlessly filling the page with angles and curves while I frequently stare into the distance. “A new recreation, pet?”  I come back with a start. “Excuse me?” “You would take up art now?” I smile wryly. “No, my lord. I’m pondering on an exchange I had yesterday.” “Your new dragon friend?” “Yes, my dragon friend.” “A snag?” “Yes. It feels like it. He is not fond of angels, apparently.” “Well, I’m not overly fond of them either.” “But you and Aza …” “We have a history, my love. A bit of a bumpy one.” “But you’ve never discouraged my interest or action down this path.” “Why would I?” “Well … to keep me safe, I guess. This is my dragon friend’s motivation for cautioning me.” “You are neither their enemy, my love, nor th

Russian Arcana Books Translated

Foreword Although many European descendants live in a very westernised (read Europeanised, read Asgardian-ised) world, we are severely impoverished when it comes to the truth of our heritage. However, our neighbour, Russia, has many important texts reasonably freely available for researchers and scholars. They are more open-minded about our forbidden past than western scholars. Now, I don't read, speak, or understand Russian, so I am at considerable disadvantage in accessing the more readily available texts. It doesn't help much that google is highly slanted to returning results curated to your language and culture. So when I came across this trove of online materials, I was rather excited. And no, not all the books are about Russian Arcana, nor by Russian authors, but I figured that they were still worthy of inclusion based on their esoteric nature, particularly in relation to the forbidden history of this planet. Email me if you have other recommendations that you&

Santi Vedas of Perun

Santi Vedas of Perun [This is a copy and paste of the introduction of an online copy that you can access here . It is in Russian, but I opened it in a Chrome browser which automatically translated it into English. I recommend you make a copy of the full document for your own study purposes.] Edition of the Old Russian Inglistic Church of the Orthodox Old Believers-Ingling. Asgard Iryan (Omsk) Summer 7500 from S.M.Z.Kh. Foreword The Santi of the Vedas of Perun (Book of the Wisdom of Perun) is one of the most ancient Slavic-Aryan Holy Traditions preserved by the Guardian Priests of the Old Russian Inglistic Church of the Orthodox Old Believers-Inglings. Santii in the original, only visually can be called a Book, because Santii are plates of noble metal resistant to corrosion, on which the Ancient x'Aryan Runes are inscribed. Ancient Runes are not letters or hieroglyphs in our modern understanding, Runes are secret Images that convey a huge amount of Ancient Knowle

Enemy Sky Craft

This is an organic craft, unmanned, that looks like a giant pool noodle. It's not cute. It's dangerous. It can think for itself. It's an intelligent drone. This particular enemy's technology is very advanced, even beyond many other alien races. Horseshoe UFO ( Original video uploaded 7 March 2020) From this video on Dante's channel. Footage is from 2007 It is a Maitre craft. These aliens were the ones behind the Nazi movement, amongst other things. Do not gaze at this type of craft should you ever see it. There are different versions which can also appear as thin loopy clouds that kind of look like a hand-written word or a long thin swirl, and look distinctly separate from surrounding clouds. They can read your mind, so they know when you're looking at them. They can also record what they pick up from you. They can also control your actions. Ancients sometimes drew them as snakes, but they are not.

Angels in the Sky

Possibly a "natural" phenomena. But quite likely, it's something more amazing. An Angel Portal Oh ... do you want to know the nearest planetary base for Angels (not counting their Earth Nests)? It's on Jupiter.

Sky Craft & Symbols (March - April 2020)

Skeptics often ask for visual evidence regarding UFO's. The assumption being that there is none, or if it is, it is manufactured.  But evidence is abundant, and I'll be collecting some on this site. These highlights are from videos on the MrMBB333 Youtube channel . He posts interesting sky images that folk from around the world send to him. Make sure to follow his channel to catch the latest uploads. I'll be doing monthly curations here on the highlights that are most relevant to this site. Double Craft ( link to original video posted 28 March 2020) Looming Ship ( link to original video posted 4 April 2020) From this video ALWAYS be aware of angular clouds. These are simply clumsy ship-cloaking attempts. Am I the only one seeing Azazael's scapegoat here?

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