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Angels Caught on Camera: A Collection

Image  Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, CCTV on Sept 11, 2011 Lake Michigan 2018 Near Mage, Rio de Janeiro, 13 May 2020 The truck driver slightly swerves to his left at the last second and leaves dark skid marks at the spot where the cyclist was first seen.  There is a big dark round imprint left on the road and the same around the new position, and which both gradually fade away after a few seconds. The truck driver looks at the dark ring closest to him in confusion as it dissolves. It seems  that he doesn't know if he should apologise to the cyclist because he's not sure if it's who he had almost run over.  He wanders around dazed while the cyclist heads to sit on the curb. It is clear that he is totally bewildered and trying to figure out how he survived and ended up safely behind in another location with a stranger in a hoodie by his side.  Also notice that the stranger'

Ormus and Pyramids - Ken Rohla presentation


Ego Dissolution Research

An article in my Futurism feed today ... NEUROSCIENTISTS: THIS IS HOW SHROOMS BREAK DOWN YOUR SENSE OF SELF " Put plainly, the study reveals a bizarre fact about our consciousness: altering one biomolecule in our brains can profoundly alter our subjective ability to perceive ourselves and how we experience the world . One little tweak is what they're looking for that will make us pliable to their agenda . " Even more provocatively, the study found that the activity levels of glutamate in various brain regions are directly linked to a person’s experience on psilocybin — higher glutamate levels in the medial prefrontal cortex were linked to a negative experience of ego dissolution, while lower levels in the hippocampus were linked to a positive one. And it turns out that psilocybin causes both impacts . " That’s striking, because colloquially speaking, those findings could point to th

Sophia's Fall Explained by John Lamb Lash

I consider this article to be essential reading for those who would go deep into the reconciliation of science and gnosticism. JLL has reorganised his material so many links no longer work, but fortunately this article was archived on the Bibliotecapleyades website. I've copied it over here for safe keeping. Make sure to browse for more from JLL and the Bibliotecapleyades archives.   by  John Lash October 2004 from  MetaHistory  Website Part One The Human Role in Gaia's Dreaming The icon for the Gaia Mythos is a  coco de mer  with cosmic detailing: sun and moon motifs with the emergent earth indicated by a cross. There is a story that goes with this image, a story crucial to our  understanding of what it means to inhabit this planet, Earth . The  Gaia Mythos , an evolutionary myth of Earth, encodes some closely guarded secrets of the  Pagan Mysteries . Yet this story is no elite affair, and the "secrets" it contains are open

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