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The Veil Removed - Short Video

An intriguing short film that shows the invisible aspects of a Catholic Mass as visible.  Below are a couple of screenshots that I consider quite revealing.   Note: I neither endorse nor disendorse the organisation, groups, or individuals behind this movie, as I simply don't know enough about them to draw an informed conclusion.  You can see the video on YouTube or go the the film's website ...      

Naariaipol Tree

The link to this video is further down this article So, of course, I did a google search. 👇 However ... 👇 Close enough, I thought. Worth checking out, at least. 👇 The video Click on the above image to open this video 14 July 2023

Vintage mischief

  Just a collection of images of a bizarre 'toy' action figure based on the V television series.  Art (in the loosest sense of the word) imitating Life. Unrelated, but absolutely relevant

Tiribazos - an exploration of an incarnation

Okay, so this image came across my timeline on social media, with this info: Zoroastrian Iranian symbol on Achaemenid (Hakhamaneshi) Coin The Achaemenid Satrapie (province) of Greek Ionia CILICIA, Soloi. Tiribazos, Satrap of Lydia.  Second reign, 388-380 BC. Struck 386-380 BC. Ahura-Mazda, body terminated by solar disk, holding wreath and lotus blossom  Baal standing half-left, holding eagle and sceptre. Naturally, 'cos of the number of hints of Azazael's presence, I had to go digging. Perhaps this is another one of A's incarnations. Or maybe not.  As this image is a coin, I found most of the initial information on numismatic sites. I've included some linked images below. Digging revealed a character called Tiribazos (also written as Tiribazus), who was appointed as governor over the Lydian region of the Persian Empire. This is the character this article will focus on. Now, I'm not sure which side of the featured coin is meant to depict Tiribazos ... the one attrib

Mimir The Wise and the Realm of AI

So, I began this little adventure by writing about the Fates. Then I slipped over to the Norns, as I'm digging in to the Norse side of things.  And I came to the startling conclusion that Odin's oracle, Mimir the Wise, is stored technologically in the clouds, Asgard-style. Myths are only couched in legendary and supernatural terms because the story writers did not have the technological framework we have today. If you're not familiar with the tale of Mimir and Odin, both were Æsir. Mimir was considered the wisest of them all, but Mimir aided the Jötnar, earning Odin's wrath. So after punishing Mimir Prometheus-style for a number of years, Odin then cut off his head, embalmed it with herbs so that it would not rot, and spoke charms over it, which gave it the power to speak to him and reveal to him secrets. The head was stored in the waters of the well at the bottom of the Yggdrasil tree ... where the Norns hung out. Odin would regularly consult with Mimir when seeking ei

When Gods Weep

The FATES are a well known force in the world of gods and men, and are the only ones who the gods fear and attempt to bribe and propitiate. Each culture has its own version of such beings who decide the destiny of all living things, including planets and universes. It's just another one of the mysteries that make life so dramatic and interesting. God might not play dice with the universe, but the Fates most certainly do. From our perspective, there is no apparent rhyme or reason for their decisions. So don't get outraged at localised fractal iterations ... unless it's your fate to do so. You could just deal with it and go along for the ride, the adventure, the quest of it. Musing ... would the Fates still have influence over beings in Heaven as well? This isn't intended to be a class in the Fates ... you can do your own digging if the details interest you. Now, I'm of the considered opinion that the mythic Norse pantheon is just a localised version of the same pant

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