Self-Observations on Social Media

This is intended as a piece of self-reflection, so be warned  ... this will be a self indulgent post about my favourite topic ... MOI! 😎 😂 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand ...

Am I hooked on Social Media? Yeah, probably. Make that ... Yeah, definitely.

But I have waves of interest and disinterest. 

Disinterest is easy enough to identify. 

❌ ... when the majority of posts have an edge of hysteria to them ... nihilistic, pessimistic, fatalistic [how is that different to nihilistic? Question to self ...]. 

❌ Anything related to (what I've determined to be) ridiculous theories such as flat earth.

❌ And Tartaria and Star Forts. After listening to a well-argued counter-claim, I've agreed with the conclusion that these are psyop projects that many folk haven't cottoned on to. I refuse to perpetuate their delusions.

❌ Plus there's just so much fakery ... intentional or otherwise ... that it's just not worth even the slightest engagement of my attention. And even if some stuff is authentic, it's just not provable. Not EVERYTHING is cgi or project blue beam.

And even with the stuff that IS deceptive, although that is fascinating in itself in terms of technology and intention, people just slam the door on further discussions or contemplations. Like they tend to do with many futuristic things, like AI and reproductive technology. There's just so much philosophical and metaphysical JUICE that's just ignored and abandoned. Like it doesn't make it past the surface (and reactively dismissive) layer of consideration.

❌ And forget about discoveries of long lost signs of portals and aliens. Opportunists are creating all kinds of mischief just to jump on the bandwagon to capture the attention of those who want to believe more than they are skeptical. 

Opportunists just out and out revolt me ... they are, for the most part, working to undermine goodness and trust.

❌ Videos and images of people getting hurt or worse, being killed. And of dead bodies - people and animals. Just NO!!!! I won't give pain and suffering my attention.

❌ Videos or images - even in parody - of people I cannot stomach. Literally. I experience a visceral regurgitative reaction to particular who I can't even stand to name, let alone think about or look at. They tend to be political or high-profile characters on the world stage who the liberals look upon as the good guys or the victims.

❌ Related to that, I just refuse to linger over videos or images of liberal  outrageousness related to the corruption of children. It's just out and out UGLY, and I WON'T put those images into my head. After initially familiarising myself with certain issues, I don't need to keep burning them into my head, over and over and over again.

❌ Needless to say, I give NO attention to any video that spotlights liberal ridiculousness.

❌ Click-baity text either within the post or on accompanying imagery positively make me gag. I'm surprised they still work enough to obviously keep such behaviours perpetuated

So I back off for a few hours, a couple of days, then dive in again.

What makes me linger?

Posts on ...

✅ Interesting technology of a futuristic (read sci-fi) or suppressed nature ... such as this for example

✅ And then there's historical stuff that's semi-secret, semi-verifiable, such as Admiral Byrd and Antarctica. Hidden stuff that is still hovers around our present reality.

✅ And things that seems to validate my position on health, that I consider would help me to articulate the defense of my position. Especially if the source appears credible. 

However, I'm quite over the blaming and accusational posts that look for a scapegoat, not only on health, but for the economy and for all the controlled degradation of our world. 

✅ Wyrd stuff, like frozen birds in the sky. BUT typically only if visual evidence is supplemented with contextual information like places and dates. The first time, I might just watch for the novelty.

✅ Adorably cute, fun stuff, like animals and kids. And amusing but harmless adult pranks. 

✅ Images and videos of breathtakingly glorious and powerful and mysterious nature, including off-world. Yeah, that might include some natural disasters like floods or rockslides and other disruptive disasters ... as long as it's not showing actual harm to living beings.

✅ Insightful memes that makes my attention pivot inwardly to self-assess for a moment and consider something as true about myself.

✅  Similarly, I enjoy entertaining provocative claims, as memes or images or videos, that push the edges of expanded perception or insight. I am not above investigating my own biases and inconsistencies. These catch my attention when I find myself laughing out loud when I read them.

✅ Anything that catches my eye as being useful in a lesson I plan to create. Either as a focal point or as supplementary support material.

✅ Oh, and I just LOVE dark and subversive humour that tugs on my own dark side. The kind of stuff that pushes the buttons of authorities and fundamentalist love&lighter's. I am very fond of Darth Vader, for instance, and would prefer to see his insights rather than Yoda's rather sanctimonious salubrations. 

✅ Oh, and cleverness! 😃 I love seeing cleverness and ingenuity and general human brilliance and resourcefulness presented in uplifting ways. Whether art or design or music or inventions or whatever. It affirms my faith in the indomitable nature of the human spirit, no matter how severe the limitations. 

✅ Archaeology ... especially stuff that hints that peoples of the past were not as undeveloped as we are taught to believe. And anomalous historical findings that hint at uncomfortable revelations. 

✅  Architecture! Futuristic, innovating, unusual ... my soul just laps this up! It speaks to that part of me that pulled me to the deep study of Feng Shui, because the environments in which we live, work, and play has deeply intimate connections with how we see ourselves. 

✅  General absurdities that are like visual zen paradoxes. Again, these are the ones that make me laugh out loud with ridiculous juxtapositions that pull together two or more unconnected concepts.

Posts that I love to hate 😈

🌓 Posts that declare particular aspects of life or people's character or tendencies in simplistic black and white terms are like waving a red flag to my ENTP bull. I often have to pull myself back from lashing back in a scathing tone when I remind myself that it's just not worth my attention. Sadly, I'm not always successful.

You won't believe this! 

You've been lied to! 

Must see/read/watch/listen! 

The truth about ...! 

This is crazy!

🌓 Posts that perpetuate the belief that we are trapped, stuck in a helpless loop of social/soul imprisonment. Other talismanic words of such sorcery include Truth, and Freedom.

Posts like these encourage hopelessness at at time when we are on the threshold of making daring changes to our destiny. Like prisoners who have to decide whether to join in with a well-devised escape plan, or stay in their familiar environment. Posts, such as the one shown below, push in the favour of staying but seething about it. 

Consider this a work in progress ... I'm sure there's more I can specify in both categories. I'll also aim to add in examples (of the stuff I like only 😏 ).

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