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Microscopic Robots. 1.

So you're adamant you'll never do implants, eh? They're working hard to make sure you never say never. Remember, ALL technology can be used beneficially or nefariously. Watch the spin. Note who gets to make the decisions on how various tech will be used. DAN ROBITZSKI__FILED UNDER: ROBOTS & MACHINES A team of Cornell University scientists developed a new robot — so small that it’s invisible to the naked eye — that they hope will someday crawl around  inside the human body  and hunt for disease. The robots themselves are little more than microchips attached to four  origami-inspired  legs,  BBC News  reports . But their simplicity — the engineers can manufacture 1 million of the bots every week, each one steered by beaming a laser at its feet — gives the team hope that they’ll become a useful medical tool.  BBC News  published a  video  of the robots wiggling around, and it’s highly recommended. New Legs The hardest part, the team told  BBC News , wasn’t necessarily buil

Lair Update - 22 September 2020

(Updated 22 September 2020) A month ago, when I wrote  my last update , I had no idea how different my world would be a few short days later. My best-friend sister, whose household I share, was killed instantly in a vehicle accident. She left behind two teenagers and a grieving husband. And a shattered community. I'll resist the temptation to bore you, who did not know her, with how wonderful and radiant she was. Let's just say that the video snippet at the end of this post, reflects the numbness and sadness I feel at her sudden departure.  This journey that skims along the cliff-edge of death, provides me with a front row seat to the suffering of grief in its various forms. I've always claimed that I'm a cold fish ... unsentimental. Even when my favourite person in the entire universe left suddenly. The  reality  of it still slips from my grasp because I've been in the habit of questioning it and testing the validity of it for most of my life. Because it IS a matte

Lone Wolfery: A Discourse on Operating as a Lone Wolf in Times of Change

What useful to know about being an effective  Lone Wolf  in times of change (with links to useful resources) Let's start with a definition of a Lone Wolf, at least how I intend to use it in this post, because there are a few. Not all of them are complementary. A Lone Wolf is a warrior who, for one reason or another, is isolated from their cadres, and decides to operate independently to further the cause. They are not Lone Wolves by choice but by circumstances.  Okay, so some might make the choice to operate alone, but the majority of those who join my Lair Pack   have a deep desire to connect to something bigger than themselves. A yearning is stirred within them to 'come home' to somewhere that is hard to articulate. They feel an internal push to get involved , to DO something that assists an identified mission, but are not able to join the insiders. Lone Wolves find themselves on the outer of this mission they strongly want to be involved in. Why are they not able to? It

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