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Anunnaki Buckets & Cones

  Situla & Aspergillum Note the pine cone design Book of Hours, Ram, with situla, sprinkling holy water with an aspergillum, Walters Manuscript W.102, fol. 80r detail;  Photo by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts  on  flickr (cc)

The Modern Mystery School of the Angel Aliens

This is one of my articles that I should have published months, if not years ago, but which lay dormant in draft form, simply awaiting its final polishing. Sorry about that. Let's begin by - surprise! - defining what a Mystery School is.  I'm going to first allow my own understanding to flow before searching for how others define what a mystery school is and does. So, here's my definition ... A Mystery School teaches, in numerous formats ranging from the familiar didactic to the mystic experiential, about the hidden nature of reality that surrounds an individual life and/or our collective existence.  The focus of Mystery Schools can ostensibly range from highly sacred to mundanely practical, such as teaching the healing arts or even trade mastery. Trade , you ask? Yes. Think masonry and stonework and civil engineering which built cathedrals, pyramids, temples. These skillsets link back to the sacred and mystical teachings.  Mystery Schools also rigorously test seekers and

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