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MAD #182 - Ascension Heresy

This is how I do my journaling. It's a unique process I created that I call  Magical Alpha Dialogue . It reads as fiction.  Enjoy. Or not. I sit on the sofa, my knees tucked against my chest, my arms wrapped around them. I’m thinking of an encounter I had the previous day with a trickster colleague. “My lord?” “Yes, my love.” He sits in an adjacent chair. He is reading updates from various realms. He lowers his device and looks at me. “Yes, pet?” He repeats himself as I’ve lost myself in my thoughts. “Why do people fear power?” “Explain.” “I had a written exchange yesterday with one of my twitter followers who labels himself a trickster and also follows an ancient horned god as well.” “And?” “We seemed to be going fine, I suppose, until I spoke about my desire, my hunger, for power. He didn’t grasp what I meant and told me rather quickly that I have got my focus all wrong. “I see this happening a lot, my lord. Either I don’t commun

Staying Sane When Your Sense of Reality Shatters

Define Reality. This is your first task. Define Reality. What is real for you? Why? What is unreal for you? Why? Who made these rules that you define reality by? What was their agenda? And how did THEY come by those rules? We live in crazy times. I mean REALLY crazy times, when we cannot even trust our own senses to show us what is actually 'out there.' Unlike earlier times, more and more of our input and output is now in the virtual world. Nothing physical, but still existing. Somewhere. Somehow. It's almost a shamanic-style of reality where encounters with others can be whispy but still profound. We have been literally programmed since birthing into this layer, this actor's stage of life We have been programmed to play our part that others have in mind for us. We are set up to be players in their game. But, the secret is that this is an Improv stage set. You get to own your own backstory, and be spontaneous in your reactions and how you move the plot

Seidr and Gandr

North Europe is infused with magical tradition. It is my heritage which is why I feature it so strongly here. I would expect you to explore your own magical heritage and feature it in your own work. Don't dilute your power by trying to be all things to all people. I am still in grade school regarding all of this, so I'm certainly no expert. Nor do I wish to become a practitioner in this. I live, now, on almost the diagonally opposite end of the planet to my place of birth, so I cannot draw on the soil of my ancestors for knowledge. But my blood dances with power and joy whenever I open the door to this hidden, buried cache of secrets. On this post you'll find some cut-and-paste tidbits to whet your appetite. If Norse Magic makes your blood sing, go and research according to your own destiny. I'll also add some of my own commentary. The first thing I want to comment on is that the way we think of as Magic is more from the realm of Vanaheim, than it is from Asgard

SongSpells. What are they?

Anything that moves your soul, rouses your spirit, stirs your energy is magical. Music certainly can do all of these. Choose your magic well. It shifts you into an altered state of consciousness. Therefore Music is an aspect of Psycho-Magic. SongSpells are a form of Galdr. The Norse Magic word galdr comes from an Old High German word for singing incantations, gala. I was researching for the Seidr blog post when I came across this interesting set of comments on Jackson Crawford's Galdr video. (Note: Comments are a massive resource for mining nuggets of truths and wisdom.) Erik Holten The other night I ran across a funny thing in a book on Norwegian medicinal folklore traditions: "The old ones believed one could lose one's mind by listening to the magic song, galdr. Whoever was subjected to this, became galinn, mad, from gala, sing a magic song (in a shrill voice). This word is the foundation for gal[en]skap, madness, in the Scandinavian languages." Th

Voices for European Shamanic Traditions

Shamanism is not cultural appropriation by Europeans. We have strong ancient roots that have been actively attacked to weaken our knowing. Yet within ourselves, there remains a resonance that is alerted when it approaches other, less-shattered shamanic practices. The European Folk-Soul is full of strong magic. It is time to reclaim it. Below, I will list a number of recommended voices that have strong cohesiveness in the European Shamanic Tradition. As with all my recommendations, use your own discernment. Follow your predator instincts. Thomas Sheridan Do you like to mix Magic with Conspiracies? Thomas Sheridan is your man, particularly if you have Irish blood in your veins. Arith Härger I've written a post featuring Arith . He's a cool, very well informed guide to all things Viking and old Nordic. He is a trained archaeologist so he digs deeper (!) than most others on the topic. Michael William Denney coming soon. Marcus Follin - The Golden Lion Now, to be

Rune Soup

I very highly recommend you follow Gordon White from Rune Soup . Gordon is a remarkably level-headed chaos magician with eagle-sharp insight into the magic flowing around society and the games that are being played. You will probably also enjoy his sharp, dry humour. He doesn't take himself too seriously, which is always a good sign of trustworthiness in my book. He watches global events and is 360 degrees informed, and then forms his own perspective from a reality that overarches 3D. When you visit his page , make sure to subscribe to The All Red Line emails. If you do nothing else, like read his books, listen to his podcasts, follow him on social media, or sign up for his blog post email list, just sign up for The All Red Line list. To get a taste, here's the latest sample , as of the time of writing.

2020 Reset Deception

The paradigm of deception is not ending. It is merely being replaced. Stay alert. They aim to appease the unease, but not to relinquish control. A new age opens up perhaps, but the game continues. So many of you are ready to relax your vigilance and caution. What better way to draw you further into their control? Mistake Number 1 You think there is only one enemy side. That "they" are one group. A foolish notion. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. There are a number of enemy sides. They currently jostle for power. You are their prize. All that is happening is that one enemy side is revealing the game of the other enemy side, so that the first side look like the good guys.  Mistake Number 2 You do not see that you have given your allegiance to a master who claims you as theirs. You have abdicated your freedom to their guidance and judgment. Mistake Number 3 You do not think critically. You are invested in your idealism, so you do not see th

The Looking Glass Project and the Thor Connection

… because someone’s got to start this conversation (A migrated Twitter Thread ) These are the dots I've joined together. Make of it what you will. Certainly, if Q posts mention black ops project, it's worth a deep dive. Most of us began our deep dive here ... About 2 ½ hours interview of Bill Wood by  Project Camelot's Kerrie Cassidy But if you haven't got that long, at least watch the last 35 minutes Then this one, where Bill speaks free-streaming for over an hour, elaborating on the PC interview. And then my personal favourite, Earth History & Aliens Bill talks about two black op projects he was involved in. 1. Project Looking Glass, and  2. The Yellow Cube Sometimes interchangeably, sometimes as separate projects, but linked. Both involve timelines, wormholes, space travel, star gates. There's been a very popular movie franchise that has also featured these since 2011. And you think it wa

Self-Love Teachings are a Trap

The female personal development world is full of teachings about self-care and self-love. Such teachings encourage the all-encompassing feminine energy to narrow its focus to only its own self and to validate the withholding of nourishment from those who she would receive nourishment from. As such, she makes herself isolated, a closed system, cut off from symbiotic nourishment. The female energy is NOT me - me - me. This is faux-feminine. A weaving of disruptive sorcery. Now, it is certainly true that the quality of feminine consciousness is the determining factor that shapes the world around her.  But women are being guided confuse self-indulgence with refining the nobility of their character.

SongSpell: "Hungry Like The Wolf" and further videos

Commentary will be added in due course Dark in the city, night is a wire Steam in the subway, earth is afire Woman, you want me, give me a sign And catch me breathing even closer behind In touch with the ground I'm on the hunt, I'm after you I smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd And I'm hungry like the wolf I straddle the line in discord and rhyme I'm on the hunt, I'm after you Mouth is alive with juices like wine And I'm hungry like the wolf Stalked through the forest, too close to hide I'll be upon you by the moonlight side High blood drumming on your skin, it's so tight You feel my heat, I'm just a moment behind In touch with the ground I'm on the hunt, I'm after you Scent and a sound, I'm lost and I'm found And I'm hungry like the wolf

Asgard Returns ... just a bit of fun really

This is a crafted reality. There are no accidental creations or events. I am fascinated with why the Asgard Gods have returned. Why now? Loki, in particular, has enchanted me more deeply than a simple fangirl. I follow his weavings, his trail into the mysteries. These illustrations are from my book: Loki Lives. From Myth To Marvel And Beyond.

Hybrid-Magic Defined & Explained

In other posts, I have outlined the 3 primary types of Magic. 1. Psycho-Magic ... to do with consciousness 2. Organo-Magic ... to do with organic life 3. Techno-Magic ... to do with non-organic creations, i.e. technology Where these intersect, lives Hybrid-Magic.

Alien Foes and Allies

It is not necessary to agree with me. But let me just share what I know to be true. After decades of searching for what’s really going on in our world, and following multiple tangents of seemingly unrelated topics, I was finally led to one who could supply the answers that I knew to be true. I recognised the integrity of his answers due to its coherence over the broad range of disparate topics he taught on, and over the large number of educational pieces he created. I do not claim to know high-level information, nor even mid-level information. If I do not know something, I will admit it. This information has come to me from the K group. Are you an alien-human hybrid? Many alien-human hybrids suspect nothing and live regular lives. These are like ‘sleeper’ agents, to be activated when needed. M-Hybrids But almost half of you will know that you’re not like other people. Deep in your bones, deep in your heart, you know you are different. You do not fit in to the mainstream

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