Staying Sane When Your Sense of Reality Shatters

Define Reality.

This is your first task. Define Reality.

What is real for you? Why?
What is unreal for you? Why?

Who made these rules that you define reality by? What was their agenda? And how did THEY come by those rules?

We live in crazy times. I mean REALLY crazy times, when we cannot even trust our own senses to show us what is actually 'out there.'

Unlike earlier times, more and more of our input and output is now in the virtual world. Nothing physical, but still existing. Somewhere. Somehow. It's almost a shamanic-style of reality where encounters with others can be whispy but still profound.

We have been literally programmed since birthing into this layer, this actor's stage of life We have been programmed to play our part that others have in mind for us. We are set up to be players in their game.

But, the secret is that this is an Improv stage set.

You get to own your own backstory, and be spontaneous in your reactions and how you move the plot forward. 

Almost everyone determines that life is limited by rules of the game. It isn't. That is an illusion that is actively sold.

Can I offer a suggestion for a workable definition of Reality? It is whatever matrix your consciousness can go to. Or, more accurately, where you allow it to go to, what truths you allow yourself to play with.

For instance, if your only Reality Matrix is this earthly plane, then this is all your reality will be defined as this. But if your consciousness travels beyond your physical container, say, into a mythic or religious realm, then this is what your reality will expand into. Now what about a galactic reality, with alien races. One which happens to be Angels?

Balance is a mythical beast. 

We are dynamic creatures, beings meant to be in motion. By definition, we are always off balance, lurching from one extreme to the other. The is how we walk, from left foot to right foot, this is how we make progress.

Using this same analogy, another way to look at this is to consider that balance is only momentary. Balance is from moment to moment. The point of balance changes constantly, so our motion has to take that into account, otherwise we'd fall flat on our faces all the time.

Have you noticed that when others write and speak about finding balance, they are looking for something static, something that pivots them indefinitely on a point where they neither make progress, nor fall. Fine if you're at the edge of a cliff. But most of life isn't.

Strive for coherence, not balance.

You are born unique. But soon enough you end up like everyone else. How? Entrainment. Just like in this video.

It's actually a beautiful thing to watch. Not so much fun if you're the odd one out, though.

But ... the hidden force in this demonstration is the movement of the table. Think of this as the foundation and rules of the society you are born into. The movement is an irresistible dynamic built up from the multiple vibrations from the various metronomes that gradually builds up coherence, or signal strength.

Coherence is what you seek, what power seeks.

We are filled with white noise of many conflicting signals that interfere with each other. This keeps us weak and passive. Self-doubt will make sure we don't make the epic progress we feel we are capable of.

But, when all those thoughts align, they build signal strength so that all those stray little thoughts are pulled into line, just as all the metronomes align with the coherent signal.

What builds the coherence in our consciousness, that weakens the self-doubt signals we send ourselves? The agreement of both logic and intuition. Or head and heart, if you prefer. That they support and build each other up. Like the most perfect pair of lovers who want only the best for each other.

Coming back to the original point of this little essay ... the exercise about reality that I opened with, was for the benefit of your head ... your logical self. Your intuition, your heart, your feminine, always knows the truth. She should take the lead into any new reality matrix that you are shown.

However, that does not mean she should be in charge. The head, the logic, the masculine, is very alert to danger. The heart can be too trusting and can be tricked into a trap. She can be confused by her emotions, her wishful thinking, when the masculine does not stand equally by her side.

When your head and your heart are fully equal in your decision making, you have a solid foundation for coherence of your Soul. You will no longer be a house divided. You will then find that all your problems and dilemmas will be brought into alignment.

Then you will have both strength and peace. Even when the world seems to be going crazy around you.

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