My plan to fulfil my mission

 When people plan, gods laugh.

Like any quest, it's important to remain flexible and adaptable in how you get there. For sure, life will throw random things at you that will screw up the most carefully laid-out plan.

You will get delayed.

You will be distracted.

You will be obstructed.

What I'm saying is that while it's important to make a plan, use it only as a map and expect to use your resourcefulness.

So, without further ado, here's my basic plan ... 

Make short courses - no more than 4 hours long - and place them on the Udemy platform, as they take care of promotion.

Sell these short courses for a similar price to that of a book, with price ranging from the cost of a paperback to the cost of a hard-cover book.  It's important for me for my work to be affordable to the majority.

And that takes care of the financials. The more courses I make, the more income I earn. (Ignore the fact that I only have one course uploaded at the moment ... there's at least 6 in the pipeline ... see opening quote above.)

What's in process

Most of my own personal and spiritual evolution has come about from books (pre-internet) and community-centre-style personal development workshops. And while I have spent up to $4000 for 'guru' type courses, in hindsight, there was nothing really life-changing about them. The benefit was mainly from a momentary feeling of exclusivity and pride of accomplishment. 

To be sure, working against me is my resistance to following other people's formulas and systems that they've been clever enough to have organised into a structured course and charged a lot of money for.

However, courses are not the end of how I plan to serve The Cause. Short courses merely feel to me to be an honourable path of a steady income flow to supplement what already streams in. 

Disclosure: I am in a privileged position where I don't need to live off my course funds. If I were, I'd probably tweak my plan somewhat. And have more courses finished by now! 

Tweaks like having a subscriber-based Patreon site, and be more vigorous in my marketing. I'd probably also expand my base beyond those who wish to serve The Cause.

I might also make manuals and workbooks based on, or instead of some of my planned courses. These tweaks are still on the table to be reconsidered if it feels right to do so.

Anyway, moving on ...

There are many non-income producing ways I attempt to fulfil my mission.

I offer a growing library of bite-size instruction points on my Instagram account (which flows on to my Twitter & Facebook accounts) and organised video playlists on my YouTube channel.

Both of these platforms are extensions of my ... not teachings so much, but rather the important things that I consider essential for people to be aware of and to consider.  

I also keep an active Facebook profile where I load both original and re-posted messages aligned with my message.

Oh, I didn't mention my message? The core of what underlies my mission, my purpose, the way I serve The Cause?

My message is that whatever the precise nature of reality, whatever the external circumstances of your life, the REAL work is internal, which is to refine yourself into the most noble, honourable version you can be HERE and NOW.

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