2020 Reset Deception

The paradigm of deception is not ending. It is merely being replaced. Stay alert. They aim to appease the unease, but not to relinquish control. A new age opens up perhaps, but the game continues.

So many of you are ready to relax your vigilance and caution. What better way to draw you further into their control?

Mistake Number 1

You think there is only one enemy side. That "they" are one group. A foolish notion. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

There are a number of enemy sides. They currently jostle for power. You are their prize.

All that is happening is that one enemy side is revealing the game of the other enemy side, so that the first side look like the good guys. 

Mistake Number 2

You do not see that you have given your allegiance to a master who claims you as theirs. You have abdicated your freedom to their guidance and judgment.

Mistake Number 3

You do not think critically. You are invested in your idealism, so you do not see the hidden game that you are enmeshed in.

Mistake Number 4

You allow your energy to be pulled in many directions. You are addicted to the hunt for information. You are addicted to salacious gossip about key players and celebrities in this time of revelation.

The oversupply of information, which is contradictory and chaotic by design, is seeded with misinformation.

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