SongSpells. What are they?

Anything that moves your soul, rouses your spirit, stirs your energy is magical. Music certainly can do all of these.

Choose your magic well.

It shifts you into an altered state of consciousness. Therefore Music is an aspect of Psycho-Magic.

SongSpells are a form of Galdr. The Norse Magic word galdr comes from an Old High German word for singing incantations, gala.

I was researching for the Seidr blog post when I came across this interesting set of comments on Jackson Crawford's Galdr video. (Note: Comments are a massive resource for mining nuggets of truths and wisdom.)

Erik Holten
The other night I ran across a funny thing in a book on Norwegian medicinal folklore traditions:
"The old ones believed one could lose one's mind by listening to the magic song, galdr. Whoever was subjected to this, became galinn, mad, from gala, sing a magic song (in a shrill voice). This word is the foundation for gal[en]skap, madness, in the Scandinavian languages." The reference given in the footnote is Ivar Lindquist's 1923 doctoral thesis Galdrar 4 f.

In my (modern) dialect of Norwegian, the word "gale" pronounced  gæɽɽe may mean "mad" as in angry, an emphasizing general adverb, or it just means "wrong".

Erik Holten shrill voice as in a bird singing? As the german equivalent to galdr is galster and "gal" meant here bird and to this day we say and gesture that someone crazy has a bird living in their head

Here we call that going cuckoo, Gakar is the Norse equivalent of that. From what I've been able to find references to Gakar alu are talking about spring magic

Der Shogun
in german, the word "gellen" means something like "to cry in a shrill voice so that the sound of it echos everywhere. A very intense cry in german is for example called as a "gellender Schrei" (ein Schrei = a cry)

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