Arith Härger | Nordic Scholar

Arith's YouTube channel is full of well-considered information on Nordic mythology and culture. He's a trained archeologist and has a strong personal interest in this field. I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel if you are also interested in elements of this topic.

I know many of you are especially interested in Wolf Essence, in the Karistus context, but very little is available from that source, so here's another way you can spiral into, and awaken your kenning ... Arith speaks quite a lot about Beserkers and Werewolves in the Viking context, and the Norse Vikings were known to be mainly Karistus hybrids ... the Dane and Swedes not so much.

So here are some links to some of Arith's videos on wolvery:

Werewolves in Norse Mythology

The Werewolf Cult

Indo-European Wolf Rites

Berserkir & Ulfhednar

Totemism in Norse Culture

Wendish Religion: Ancestor Cult, Werewolves & Vampiric Dead

Book Review: Werewolf Magick

Not on the wolf theme particularly, some of my personal favourites are linked below:

Galdr - Alluring Magic Chants

What is the Left Hand Path?

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