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Ancient Brain Surgery or ...

... are there some other reasons for holes in centuries-old skulls? 'Experts' create some excruciating logical convolutions when they insist on staying within a painfully restrictive world-view.Example of the current asspert opinion ... Listen to this interview with Garry Nolan by Ross Coulthart. Backup video on g-drive Transcript [ search transcript for Speciation ... and Caudate Connections (linking brain with craft) ]  

Sound of Freedom. A Psyop Of The Good Kind.

I'm bringing this post out of my drafts folder almost 6 months after I first cast my words after the hubbub this movie release created. It makes a good reference.  And YES! I am still behind Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel. I was curious to observe what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune were cast upon them in the interim. Here's the link to the Bombshell video mentioned above. 1. We are in the midst of a Spiritual War, played out at every level. 2. Broadly defined, the opponents in this Spiritual War are Creators and Destroyers. 3. Creators foster Life and well-being. Creators EMPOWER individuals. 4. Destroyers ... destroy Life and well-being . Destroyers DISEMPOWER individuals. 5. Both sides utilise psyop tactics on the population.  6. Both sides aim to claim you. You choose a side ...  consciously (as a purpose),  unwillingly (being co-opted), or ...  by default, unconsciously (as a consequence of programming). When you feel tugged between views and opinions on philosop

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