Here be Magic, Mystery, and Mischief!

Welcome to my lair. My wild place. My place where I toss down the wildness in my soul, the heresies of my philosophy, the fierceness of my heart.

Entries here may be chaotic and rambling. Proceed with caution. This is MY lair and here I will do as I will.  I am not out to impress you or convert you or convince you of anything. I have other nests online where I will do one of those.

This site will be a picking trove of treasures. I collect much. I create much. I see much.

Oh yes! This is the excitement I feel when I work for The Cause!

Okay ... The Cause? What Cause?

Creation is a war zone between those who would help fulfil the Creator's vision, and those who would deny or corrupt it.

This war is on EVERY level, in every dimension, in every field, in every discipline, in fact, in every way that we have compartmentalised life. And even the ways we haven't yet realised exist. I've made a post dedicated to The Cause, which you can read here.

There are enough teachers, gurus, and guides who teach Love and Light. I am not one. 

I teach heresies from the edges of reality. Like what, I hear you ask. Here's a few of them.
  • Angels are real. They are alien off-worlders.
  • Gods are real. They are alien off-worlders.
  • There are many more alien off-worlders here with us.
(Told you!)

But ... do you want more?

Well, what if I suggest that it's almost guaranteed that you're a hybrid? Not because everyone is, but because you found your way here. Pure humans don't see what you see. They don't search for answers because they have so few questions.

Now, at this point, many of you will leave and not visit here again.

That's perfectly fine, and perfectly desirable from my end.

Live well and prosper.

Now, for those of you who hover a while longer, wondering what juicy morsels you will find in this lair, read, listen, and watch the posts, and see if its your flavour. 

Yeah, I'm trying to stop you from hanging around. Unless you feel it in your bones that you need to be here.

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