Avoiding Rabbit Hole Overwhelm

Don't get lost is the mire of speculations and intriguing evidence of strange events and civilisations past.
They happened. UFO's (now UAP's) are real. Supernatural phenomena is real.
There are visitors among us who shape our world, our culture, our bodies, our bodies.
There are visitors among us who create discord.
But there are also visitors among us who fight for us. For our right to reach our full potential and take our place as mature equals among other worldly races.
So ... are you going to stay in a tizz and spin around and around, getting sick with dizzyness. Or will you plant your flag in the soil and defend what you would give your life for?

This is a warrior's call. The weak and cowardly need not respond.

Step 1 is to stop feeding yourself with distracting outrage. You already know the truth in your bones. Don't worry about convincing anyone else. The details are not important at this stage. The big picture is.
Step 2 ... gird up your loins. Take a warrior's attitude to your life. Even if you are not a physical fighter. Even if you are female. You can take the role of a resistance fighter. There are many roles in this battle that contribute to victory.
Step 3. Hone your strength so that you are as optimal a warrior as you can be. Look after your physical body. Train. Build your self discipline. Remove that which diminishes you. Do what you can with where you're at and with what you have. No excuses.
Step 4. Hone your skills that can help the side you choose to give your life-force to. Have confidence in what you bring to the table. Speak, write, create with power. Begin. Test yourself. Learn. Refine. Go back into the fray. Rinse, repeat.
Step 5. Build your warrior mindset
. Have you heard of Post Traumatic Growth? No? It's a thing. Don't let your past define your future. Don't know where to begin? Consider watching Jordan Peterson on Youtube as one option.

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