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Lone Wolvery: A Expanding Discourse on Operating as a Lone Wolf in Times of Change

What's useful to know about being an effective  Lone Wolf  in times of change (with links to useful resources) Let's start with a definition of a Lone Wolf, at least how I intend to use it in this post, because there are a few. Not all of them are complementary. A Lone Wolf is a warrior who, for one reason or another, is isolated from their cadres, and decides to operate independently to further the cause. They are not Lone Wolves by choice but by circumstances.  Okay, so some might make the choice to operate alone, but the majority of those who join my Lair Pack   have a deep desire to connect to something bigger than themselves. A yearning is stirred within them to 'come home' to somewhere that is hard to articulate. They feel an internal push to get involved , to DO something that assists an identified mission, but are not able to join the insiders. Lone Wolves find themselves on the outer of this mission they strongly want to be involved in. Why are they not able

The Wolf and The Stag

FACES OF GOD Artist: Bitter-Tree ~ Bitter Tree · Faces of God No deceiver or saviour will see me on my knees The wolf and the stag emerged from the same door Hopeless and fearless is time scrawled up above Who dares to mock me with words writ on high Each empire falls and wise men write as each season passes and bird call changes tune I have done nothing wrong No question does not already hold the truth just that we cannot comprehend how they are asked or what to say No storm can keep my feet at bay as I pursue the light and plant my flag among the infinite upon solemn peak Each fleeting thought and every breath of wailing wind contains the germ and the key only the infinite can see The wolf and the stag emerged from the same door where sunlight passes through and I can say that I am whole and you are too  Soundcloud Link to Audio Audio   Backup Link

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