Lone Wolvery: A Expanding Discourse on Operating as a Lone Wolf in Times of Change

What's useful to know about being an effective 
Lone Wolf 
in times of change

(with links to useful resources)

Let's start with a definition of a Lone Wolf, at least how I intend to use it in this post, because there are a few. Not all of them are complementary.
A Lone Wolf is a warrior who, for one reason or another, is isolated from their cadres, and decides to operate independently to further the cause.

They are not Lone Wolves by choice but by circumstances. 

Okay, so some might make the choice to operate alone, but the majority of those who join my Lair Pack  have a deep desire to connect to something bigger than themselves. A yearning is stirred within them to 'come home' to somewhere that is hard to articulate. They feel an internal push to get involved, to DO something that assists an identified mission, but are not able to join the insiders. Lone Wolves find themselves on the outer of this mission they strongly want to be involved in.

Why are they not able to? It might be a matter of geography. It would certainly be a matter of training, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or metaphysically.

Speaking plainly ... it might be a simple matter of being the wrong race. Shush! I'm talking alien races here. So no matter how much of a particular essence we feel ourselves to have, if we don't have wings, well, we don't have wings. At least in this particular incarnation.

Lone Wolf operatives typically have little to no recourse to intel about what others are doing, what else is going on in their particular territory (geographical or area of expertise), so they need to operate alone using only their good judgment.

Now, it must be clarified that while Lone Wolves can and do connect with others online, this is, by and large, an insipid form of connection. True ... it's better than none at all. However, nothing, but nothing is as powerful and nourishing as personal, real life contact with another being.  However, lone wolves need to take what connections they can scavenge. 

The single most defining feature of a Lone Wolf is that he or she is alone. Kinda obvious, right? So first ... take the time to look around you and assess the situations that you see. From various levels ... 30,000' to 1,000' and the levels in between. Then take a good look at yourself, at your capabilities, your vulnerabilities, at your conscience. Then get strategic about how they might connect.

Now ... about your community. It doesn't have to be geographic necessarily, although that will have some bearing on being able to keep body and soul stitched together. Your community of focus might be one of shared interests or shared values. In real life, or virtual. It's a good time to remind you that most of those you build relationships with online are still grounded in real flesh and blood people. One would hope so, anyway, although there are no guarantees.

What are the issues unfolding in your community? What are its weak links that the enemy can exploit? Can you assist in mitigating those? 

Now ... I'll share a piece metaphysical wisdom with you. Stop thinking like a human. Which means, stop expecting yourself to land in the right position right from the start. Where you will end up, I promise you, is somewhere you could not have planned for. Just get yourself into the game and allow the synchronicities and connections to unfold. Allow yourself to be guided by unseen hands. 

Let fear motivate you not paralyse you.

And don't OVERTHINK things. Lead with your gut feelings in this time of choosing. Take your time to come to a decision. Gather the details and let them simmer for a few days. At least 24 hours. At most 7 days ... 'cos you don't want to get trapped into a paralysis of decision making.

(work in progress ... check back soon)

Personal Qualities of being an effective Lone Wolf

One of the main attributes of an effective Lone Wolf is a good sense of discrimination. Discernment. You can call it instinct if you want. Good instincts are always an essential asset for any effective warrior.

You need to be able to TRUST YOURSELF, or at the very least, be at peace with the decisions you've made. Self Doubt is a weakness that a Lone Wolf cannot afford. You will (energetically) starve and wither away. 

(work in progress ... check back soon)

WHY you are pulled to Lone Wolvery

Now, let's take a step back and look at WHY you have the calling to be a Lone Wolf. If you're anything like me, it's because you want to make a difference but can't find an appropriate army to join. (I use army to mean a collection of beings who join together to fight against an opposing force.)

You know we are at war. You know there are armies fighting for your liberation. And you want to be involved ... to help those armies who are sacrificing their fighters for you and your loved ones. But, for whatever reason, you cannot join them. Yet, you STILL want to help and/or fight.

Now, I have to admit here that my usefulness is stronger for those who want to help, rather than fight. I'm not a fighter, so that's beyond my area of expertise. However, if that's what you are called to do, I would suggest that you at least begin with working on your physical body ... making it strong and healthy. Learn to fight with and without weapons. 

I've heard that Krav Maga is quite an effective technique that is very suited to real world self-defence situations, so many women take this up. However, it won't help you to get to any Bruce Lee level. 

(work in progress ... check back soon)

You can also be a huge pain in the arse to the hostiles. Subversion is a tried-and-tested resistance fighter's technique to help win wars and revolutions.

Death and the Lone Wolf

What can a Lone Wolf DO?

This image pretty well sums it up. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself ...
  • What do you see around you that needs doing?
  • Is it worth your time and effort and possibly money or financial sacrifice?
  • Are you willing to do it?
  • Will you do it?
  • Is there something else that you could do that would make a more leveraged difference?
All the other considerations hinge around these core questions. Logistics, support, your personality style, your leadership style, your skills and talents, your passions, your payoff.

Payoff? Yes. What's in it for you? That's MOST people's motivation for taking entrepreneurial action. However, for rare people, it's a matter of moral imperative rather than status or material gain. 

And it may happen that down the track you might gain status for your actions and even some material benefits ... and that's okay. Because your own spiritual journey is embedded with your actions. And if when you have new temptations come your way, that's the challenge. As they say ...
New level, 
New devil.
I'm not suggesting any judgment about these Mammonic gains. In fact, they may help you to scale your project to be more effective and reach more who might benefit. That's a path for you to traverse when the time comes.
Action creates opportunities
so begin somewhere.
There is no right or perfect place to begin taking action. What's important is to commit and then create momentum. Then unseen helping hands can steer you to where you are best suited and/or needed. Heck, they can even place that firecracker under your arse, but the committing and taking action is all on you.


Below are some suggestions for you to explore and see how they fit

Assemble your team to ... 
  • find purposeful clarity,
  • develop your strategies, 
  • build your strengths, 
  • mitigate your vulnerabilities, 
  • and gather your resources and tools.
Don't be limited by my suggestions. 

1. Virtual Mentors to Fortify your Body and Mind

Marcus Follin from Sweden

His approach is enjoyably epic and his languaging hints at the possibility of a  previous incarnation as a demigod. Who knows ... he may STILL be one! Personally, I find his self-confidence refreshing and tongue-in-cheek.  His YT channel is titled The Golden One, and so is his website.  This is what he guides others on ... 

✠ Train in the Temple of Iron.
✠ Train MMA or some other martial art.
✠ Read something everyday; articles or books.
✠ Try to learn something new or get better at something every day.
✠ Do not watch porn. Do not get drunk. Do not do drugs.

Cody Jefferson from the USA. 

For Lone Wolves with ambition, Cody Jefferson would be your guy. His journey has taken him from the deepest pits of despair to an enviable position as highly regarded leader of his own pack. If you have family responsibilities but want to offer them more as a consequence of rising in your own strength and power through applied self-discipline, put yourself on Cody's mailing list.

I'm recommending these fine warriors because of their focus on honourable masculinity. These would be good options for any men who feel untethered from their identity and purpose as men. 

Both make many videos that range from working out at the Temple of Iron to mindset and philosophies. Cody has a Christian perspective, and is a Pastor, while Marcus is proudly Pagan in a low-key kind of way, being very encouraging of maintaining a strong European heritage and identity. 

I may add others in future, but for now, either one of these two should get you off to a fine start. And certainly, if you have your own favourites

Before I forget, I will add Jordan Petersen here too. While he doesn't focus on building physical strength, he does speak strongly to restoring masculinity.

Wait! What about female Lone Wolves? Lone Wolvery is full of masculine energy requirements. Whereas masculine energy is aggressive and independent, feminine energy is softer and more connected. However, that's not to say women can't operate as Lone Wolves. I do. But your contribution will probably be along the lines of healing or teaching ... which is what I do here. The latter, anyway.

Have you figured out what the common thread between all of these guys is?  

2. YouTube (or other platform) Channels 

On my youtube channel, I have a number of playlists to inspire Warriors, Magicians, & Tricksters ... many of whom are Lone Wolf operatives.

Jupiter RadioMusic for Human, Non-Human, & Hybrid Warriors and Allies in this Spiritual War

Music reaches into your subconscious so I consider music to be an actual tool of magic. Create your own personal playlist to keep you motivated and operating in top gear. Use my playlist to get you started ... do I even need to suggest to choose only those songspells that you like?

Strengthen Your Thinking Skills - links to my favourite channels that offer cliff-note introductions to philosophers and critical thinkers. Consider these videos as tasters, and follow up concept or writer that excites your mind with something more solid. 

Here are some of my personal favourites:

How to be Free in an Unfree World

Outsmarting the Devil

Viktor Frankl - Finding something to live for

Imagination as a tool of magic. 
Learn its power and how to use it competently. 
There is no better teacher of this than Jon Rappoport.

In addition to these, hunt out and teach yourself the Socratic Dialogue method, aka Socratic Questioning/Inquiry/Method.  It's a deeper version of the interminable "Why" question that annoying people and children tend to ask ... or answering questions with a question. 

Experts suggest that it is best done as a dialogue, between two people. But I don't consider that to be necessary. It can be very simple and useful to do by yourself, if you are the right mindset. It can even take the place of meditation, in my opinion. I'm not one to meditate, but I do enjoy sitting quietly and pondering on things of significance.

Here's a couple of short but good overviews ...

(This was actually one of the best examples I found ...)

3. Aussie Rebel Leadership 
If you live elsewhere, use these as examples for motivation. For the record, I consider US Congressman, Dan Crenshaw, to be a worthy contender as an inspired and credible Rebel Leader. Use your own judgment though. 

Riccardo Bosi - a first generation Australian who rose in the military ranks to become a Lieutenant Colonel of the SAS (Special Air Service), the Special Forces of the Australian Military.

Aussie Cossack (Simeon Boikov) - Simeon is a third generation Australian, his father was a Russian Orthodox priest.

An interesting aside ... both Dan Crenshaw and Riccardo Bosi are military Pisceans. Coincidence?

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I want to make this post better. Tell me what I've not addressed. Send me an email and let me know what else you want to know about being an effective Lone Wolf.

And, if you already ARE operating as a Lone Wolf on behalf of the Cause, what advice would you give to the incoming ones?

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