Australians - joining the Allies

How we Australians can serve The Cause through political involvement

Today, 17 Oct 2021, Dante uploaded the video featured below, of Riccardo Bosi

It's not the first time, from memory. D loaded one previously. So it's clear to me that Riccardo and his new political party, A1, (Australia One) have the implied endorsement of the Karistus and their Allies. 

So this time, I looked more closely. And I made a decision. To commit to and support this regional rebel leader in this particular national theatre of the ongoing spiritual war.

Riccardo Umberto Guerrino Bosi,
Born 9 March 1960

Before forming his movement, Riccardo Bosi was a command-level Special Forces officer for the Australian Army and then a high-level business adviser consulting in leadership, strategy and innovation. 

Like many high achievers in Australia, particularly those who weren't born into any elite family, he is a child of European migrants. This is important to know because such folk tend to have more drive and vision than the typical laid-back Aussie.

After retiring from the army after 24 years, he became a high level business consultant.

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Australia ... the head of the snake, Vlash style.

Do you recall a recent D video showing how the Karistus migrated around the world, populating and nourishing various civilisations. Except Australia. The K's never settled here. Where the Vlash were already established. 

Bosi recognises that we are embroiled in a spiritual war that is millennia old. And that pedophilia is the main snare through which people are entrapped into being minions for the Vlash globalists.

A lot of what he says reveals he has insider knowing, that he is in the know

See what symbol is behind him on top of the shelf

More proof on the video that's on the A1 Party home page, to inspire ...
"decent men and women who are willing to
commit everything to a cause greater than themselves"

Points made by Bosi in various videos
  • For the first time in history, Australians need to fight for their country on their own soil. 
  • The police are baiting for an escalation of violence so that they can implement still more egregious violence and draconian controls upon the population. They key, according to Riccardo Bosi is to not buy into the cycle of violence, and remain peaceful.
A1 Policies
  • Returning the death penalty for high treason offences.
  • No taxation beyond a 2% expenditure tax.
  • Allow gun ownership, modelled after US constitution, the right to bear arms
  • Chinese owned land in Australia will be confiscated without recompense and brought back to Australian ownership.

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