Allatra ... an Anunakene Organisation?

Evidence? You want evidence?

Then put this organisation on your radar ... Allatra.

Dante features them from time to time ... most recently in the Eyes video

They have an indepth website [] and countless hours of videos on their youtube channel.

They are based in Russia. Well, Ukraine. Their HQ is in Kiev.

They are Anunakene, I suspect, rather than Karistus.

Karistus are the peace keeper force. The Anunakene are the academics and administrators. Via Allatra, they teach. Cosmic-level science. Consciousness metaphysics.  History.  They are strongly evidence based. And they are generous with offering free resources.

They also instigate many noble movements designed for the betterment of humanity. And attempt to refine the human mindset. Their motto is "Good in Action."

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov is the ostenible head.  The beautiful snake-eyed Zhana is one of the leaders. 

Some interesting dots to connect  regarding IMD,  Mikhailovich translates as the son of Mikhail - aka Michaiel, while Danilov translates as son of Danil - aka Danaiel. Further ... the Danilov Monastery is the Moscow headquarters of the Russian Orthodox church and is the official residence of the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Rus. When Michaiel manifests in physical form, it is often through the body of the Patriarch Kirill.

Gotta admit, though, it can feel a bit cultish, a strong "goody two shoes" vibe, which stops me going in unconditionally. But I like to observe them.

They are also over-heavy on nullifying emotions and stress rationality too much, imo. They try to dull down the dramas of human living, which would admittedly be beneficial for a lot of folk. However, I have some dramas that I'm very fond of and have a lot of fun with, so I don't care to give them up for now.

Make sure you at least know about them and are familiar with what they offer. Your choice on whether you dive in deeper. Or not.

This group is quite complementary to many other channels we all give credence to.

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