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Anunnaki Tiered Headwear as Status Signifiers. Maybe.

This has been something that's been on my mind for quite some time ... wondering if there is some meaning to the number of tiers featured on the headwear of the Anunnaki. So I thought I'd begin by just capturing images of various figurines that show either one, two, three, or four tiers I'm not sure what to call this type of headwear. If they were made of fabric, I could call them turbans. If they were made of metal, I could call them helmets.  Various sites call them horned crowns, horned caps (?!), tiered hats, and other variations. Some folks consider these tiers to be actual animal horns. Who wore this type of headwear? Anunakene Karistus (winged human-like beings) Llamasu  (winged lion or bull figures, with human heads) Written after I've collated the images for this post: In review, it's clear that more is more. The more tiers on one's headwear, the higher the rank. But rank in what , precisely? Are they ALL gods? No ... because Karistus and Llamasu are al

Portals and Mandela Effects - The Curious Case of FunkyFatHead

So, who is FunkyFatHead ... well, he's an unidentified middle-aged man who lived somewhere in the north-east USA. He filmed some experiments using various sound wave frequencies, using regular equipment and software, that he conducted in his bedroom.  These early videos showed a small circle of light or plasma hovering above the speaker which was in the middle of his bed when certain frequencies were programmed. The frequencies included: 428hz 432hz  525hz  528hz  After opening the portal, he started noticing changes to things when inside the room versus outside the room, suggesting that he may have shifted the room into an alternate space and/or time.   He filmed the portals opening, alternate reality changes, and captured a couple of Mandela Effects. Then one day, he just disappeared, with no further videos being uploaded by him and he was never heard from again. The speculations are that he was/is trapped on the other side of the portal that he opened and was/is unable to return

The Hooked X

I've been intending to do a post on exploring the Hooked X symbol which is so important to the Karistus. That's what I'm going to be exploring here. And yeah, I know it's an ancient symbol, like duh . And don't just assume it's a Hindu/Sanskrit symbol. That's a lazy way to think about it. This symbol is way older and complex, as well as being way more far-reaching than just India. As I said, I've wanted to do a deep dive into the Hooked X for quite a while, but I didn't really have any handle on it, other than a collection of historic symbols. Then I came across this video which gave me something to juxtapose the Karistus symbol against ... and which gives me a starting point. If the video is unavailable, you can view it here . Click to read the online text of The Shadow Over Innsmouth by HP Lovecraft Dietrich mentions that the Hakenkreuz is a ward that holds back the anti-gods from destroying all life in the universe. The full interview can be seen

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