Anunnaki Tiered Headwear as Status Signifiers. Maybe.

This has been something that's been on my mind for quite some time ... wondering if there is some meaning to the number of tiers featured on the headwear of the Anunnaki. So I thought I'd begin by just capturing images of various figurines that show either one, two, three, or four tiers

I'm not sure what to call this type of headwear. If they were made of fabric, I could call them turbans. If they were made of metal, I could call them helmets. 

Various sites call them horned crowns, horned caps (?!), tiered hats, and other variations. Some folks consider these tiers to be actual animal horns.

Who wore this type of headwear?

  • Anunakene
  • Karistus (winged human-like beings)
  • Llamasu (winged lion or bull figures, with human heads)

Written after I've collated the images for this post:

In review, it's clear that more is more. The more tiers on one's headwear, the higher the rank. But rank in what, precisely? Are they ALL gods? No ... because Karistus and Llamasu are also depicted to have this type of headwear. So, rank within a class, like a social or a cultural class? Or perhaps a military class?

However ... all the four tiered figures have been major deities.

I have found Karistus figures with one, two, and three tiers, but not four.

Llamasu's have either two or three tiers, but not four. Nor only one.

So here's my conjectures ...

One-tiers are possibly like the servant-priests, the lackeys to the others, like junior officers, lieutenants.

The two- and three-tiers are higher in rank, possibly demi-gods or hybrids with their own domains, departments, areas of responsibility, and likely have the ear of the four-tiers and are accountable to them. They are the scientists, the tacticians, the information horders.

Four-tiers are the elite, the pure-bloods, the insiders. They may be accountable to each other, but are free to do as they will using their own judgement.

I was surprised to come across five- and six-tier crowns, but these were not worn, but were representative, I suspect, of a higher power that was not present on this planet, but which held sway over what happened here. These were sometimes referred to as the crown of Anu, but I'm always a tad skeptical when such representations are ascribed to a particular being. Which is why many of the images don't have captions.

One Tier

Yeah ... it's hard to tell how many tiers some figures have. I'll err on the side of caution.

Two Tiers

The Fiance of Bélus, 1885 by Henri Motte

Three Tiers

Four Tiers

Indicated as Shamash

Enkidu?  Click on image to open up a large hi-res version.

Five and Six Tiers

Karistus Headwear Status Tiers

Some, like the three above, are tricky to discern. Like, are there one, two, or even three tiers that are layered. Or are there one and a half layers depicted? I'm going to go with the three images above as being one tier.

Digital Concept Rendition

Dec '20
Concept made for SculptItYourself contest, by Raf Grassetti and Xp_Pen USA.

The concept has based in histories of Anunnaki aliens, the creators of human race, that comes to earth for guide humanity every 3000 years, having high influence to Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.

I'm just adding this image below as a point of interest. It's in the context of ancient Egyptian culture. So I wonder who the 4-tiered Anunnaki beings represent and why are they shown in the presence of the pharaoh?

This is a thread to follow up another time.

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