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Parthian Tiara - Anunnaki Headwear

click the image to go to where I found this   unknown videographer Compare this to what I wrote about the Anunnaki Tiered Headwear

Galaxy Star Map

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Black Sun thoughts

  There are many interpretations of the black sun image and many theories behind its origin and purpose. When I view this symbol, it feels at the most visceral level, like it's communicating the fracturing and distortion of something wholesome. Like changing a wave form from its original frequency to something off-kilter. As such, it communicates nothing benign to me.  Power, yes. Strength, yes. But in a corrupted, self-serving way. Wizardry. Science. Technology.  The intentional disruption of natural forces. (and not just by humans) "But Loka! You LOVE wizardry, science, and technology. How can you say then that there is nothing benign in this Black Sun symbol?" Ah! Correct. What I specifically see this as, is as a sigil to self-servingness ... de-railing the creator's will.  It's an icon to the disruption of natural order and making a commitment to it, a worship of it. In a direct challenge to the Creator. The darkest of magics.

My Personal Definition of Truth

TRUTH ... the way most of us hunger for ... is more than just factual correctness or precision ... as this can't be applied to humans. Any interaction between people, of any kind, any number, is multi-layered and tangled. Not only between the individuals involved, but internally within each individual as well. Most folks have no idea of their core motivations and dynamics.  So ... in an effort to create a working definition for myself for Truth, I leaned in to exploring its opposite. Lies ... are a narrative with harmful intent.  So then ... Truth ... is a narrative with beneficial intent. That totally works for me.  The key here is INTENT. Because factual precision can be used in harmful ways. And deceptions can be used in beneficial ways. I would also expand this with saying that those who have harmful intent are in SERVICE TO SELF. While those who have beneficial intent come from a place of SERVICE TO OTHERS. Whenever I arrive at these pondered conclusions, I like to test them f

The Mythic Pleiades Sisters

This is a snapshot introductions to the PLEIADES sisters from Greek Mythology.  The Pleiades by Elihu Vedde Today, the name of the Pleiades is perhaps best known as a cluster of stars in the night’s sky, making up part of the Taurus constellation; these seven stars though, are named after seven sisters, the Pleiades of Greek mythology. Writers in antiquity would talk of seven Pleiades, mountain nymphs, thought to inhabit Ancient Greece. The seven Pleiades were the daughters of the Titan Atlas; and where a mother is named, they were the offspring of the Oceanid Pleione. Atlas was well-known for his beautiful offspring, and so the Pleiades were sisters to the Hesperides, the Hyades, and Hyas. The names of the seven Pleiades was general agreed up by ancient sources, with the seven sisters being;  Maia,  Electra,  Taygete,  Alcyone,  Celaeno,  Sterope, and  Merope. The Role of the Pleiades In Ancient Greece, the role of the Pleiades was that of companions and attendants to the goddess of t

Hybrid Ideological Conflicts

I write this post in response to a growing number of requests that ask me to clarify my stance on the Cosmic Agency Taygetan narrative. So I have the desire to create a comprehensive response that captures all my thoughts and feelings about this. Well, as many as I can think of while this post is open to being written. However, before I dive in ... there's a couple of very important points I want to make crystal clear:  Point 1:  I am not against the race of Pleyadiyans from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta, as catalogued in Dante's Alien Races Book.   I DO take issue with those who use this race as a cover for deceptive practices, basically as a controlled opposition psyop, for starseeds seeking genuine connection to their origins. There are a number of red flags that I hope to cover in this post. Point 2:  Because of my clear and strong views that I share somewhat prolifically, and despite my repeated statements to the contrary, some folks have the misapprehension that I

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