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Weaponised Hand Sanitiser

There's a truism that I've used for a long time ... every solution becomes the next problem . Most often it's just how we stagger through our own personal lives ... choosing options that are expedient but that blow up in our face down the track. And it's also true also that most options in life come with some kind of cost which people generally don't want to consider. However, sometimes it's a little more nefarious than that. Like in this situation. Either planned or opportunistic devilry. New York Post article from 24 March 2021 Cancer-causing chemical in these hand sanitizers poses ‘serious risk’ This preventative product may have done more damage than good. When COVID-19 initially gripped the United States, stores ran out of groceries, toilet paper and hand sanitizer — creating a void that was then filled by lesser-known brands. However, some of those products have been found to contain high levels of the cancer-causing chemical benzene. “These findings are a

A gift from heaven or an element of a hybrid war

So a European friend sent me a link to this article   with some not-so-veiled allusions to the Angel side ... (i) Gift from Heaven (ii) Hybrid War (iii) a thumbs-up from Putin 'Cheers'   It is quite clear that Sputnik V has become a kind of soft power for Russia," said Michal Baranowski of the German political 'think tank' German Marshall Fund. “The political goal of Russia’s strategy is to divide the West,” adds Baranowski, who heads the Warsaw office. Only a few days after receiving the first shipment of Sputnik V on March 1, Slovakia found itself in a political crisis. Prime Minister Igor Matovic welcomed the arrival of the Russian vaccine, saying that "covid-19 knows nothing about geopolitics", while Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok called the vaccine "a tool of hybrid warfare ". According to a study published in the professional journal The Lancet, Sputnik V has an efficiency of 91.6 percent and is already being applied in several countries aro

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