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Impossible Sculptures

It's quite remarkable how delicately works can be sculpted from a single piece of hard medium like ivory or marble. Yeah, feel welcome to read an undertone of sarcasm there.  This post is intended to be a curation of examples of what might be considered near-impossible skills with the tools and technologies that were available at the time. Modern stone working   Ivory carved by Egidius Lobenigk between 1581 and 1584 Sculpted by a robot, these marble and stone sculptures are chiseled through the use of technology, changing from hand carving to ROBOTOR hammering. A tool powered by self-programming software from the TorArt art studio led by FILIPPO TINCOLINI and GIACOMO MASSARI Breaking down rough rocks and hostile elements, ROBOTOR even manages to demolish parts of the stone that the human hand could not.... (now compare these sculptures with the sculptures of the past! thoughts...?!) The statue below is of St. Bartholomew , an early Christian martyr who had his skin flayed off hi

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