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Lair Update - 29 January 2021

The extended holiday season (it’s summer time here, folks) hiatus is over, and my Community Priestess commitments are resuming. I volunteer on our small town’s Progress Association as their secretary, so I’m in the middle of all the shenanigans … just where I like to be. I relish that I can guide things to make our charming little community a stronger and more prosperous place to live, and to rub shoulders with various gate keepers to approvals, funding and project advocacy. Which is a roundabout way of saying that between my real-life and online commitments, I have less time for diddley-dicking these days. Not that I’m finding myself as inclined to do so anymore.  Because I can truly say that I’m deeply in love with The Lady Odin’s mission. I have arrived at a place in my vocation that I have so long dreamed about. Without selling my soul. In my book, that's a massive victory. I’ve mentioned before that my boredom is my kryptonite. Particularly when my own work bores me because I’

The Spell of Collective Responsibility

There's a very powerful mind-messing spell that operates in our world and it goes like this ... ✨WE ✨ WE are responsible for the mess we're in WE need to do something about it WE need to lift our game WE are ruining our planet When will WE get over anger, bigotry and hate? When are WE going to learn? Do you get where I'm going with this? WE is a full-on mind-messing word. While even one person is still full of anger, bigotry and hate, the implication is that we have ALL failed. While even one person throws litter from their car, the implication is that we are ALL culpable for the mess. While even one person votes on who shall rule them, the implication is that we are ALL seen to be consenting to oppression. (Ok, well maybe more than one person. How many are needed before a critical mass is reached that commits us all to the same judgment?) Which brings me to the next inevitable question. How do you pull everyone into line to ensure conformity to an elevated set of standard

Choosing from among the "good guys"

There is ONE group of Aliens who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us. THIS is the group who I support without hesitation. I've been around the UFO scene for a goodly number of years, and while I've not doubted their existence, I do admit to taking reports of interactions with aliens with a solid pinch of salt.  Especially the channeled ones. 'Cos you just never know who is really on the other end of that connection.  I have never resonated or connected viscerally with those who claim to know about Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians or Lyrans, or any of the other 'benevolent' races that visit here. You see, I require my faith to be grounded in personal experience and logic. I've never knowingly had a close encounter or interaction with off-world beings.  Now don't think I'm being space-racist here. I lear off (so-called) human gurus also. Sai Baba, Osho, or who is the current favourite? ... oh yes, Sadhguru. Galactic Federation? 

Behind the Scenes Of My "Magical Alpha Dialogue" Process

Women need to feel good in order to do good. Men need to do good in order to feel good. Hey, let's throw in a couple more over-the-top generalities while I'm in the mood for it.  Women crave to be desired. Men crave to be respected. If these statements begin to make you argumentative, then shoo ! Get outta here!  As a mystical woman who is hungry to know my own feminine power in all its flavours, I have tasted the shrew and the harpy and found them wanting. I played the feminist game of ambition and invasion of the masculine purview and found it hollow even in victory. Now, I dive in at the other end of the spectrum, feeling into the power of feminine surrender, engaging the masculine not in competition but in synergy. But where to find a willing playmate for this romantic adventure of epic scale? I need to bring in another leitmotif at this point ... that of reality, particularly, how we determine and shape our reality.  I've always been metaphysically inclined, sensing a

SongSpell: Beginning of the End by All Good Things

Lyrics I'm staring into the valley of hell With a cross on my heart And smoke on my breath We are outnumbered but I'm not scared I am ready to die Shoot my soul through the sky Father forgive us for what we may do Sometimes we lie when we search for the truth We sell who we are 'cos we don't want to lose I hear the heroes calling out my name In Valhalla they wait Preparing my place I'll take fire from the edge of the sun Put the crown on my head Either way I have won Father forgive us for what we have done We have to finish what we have begun And pray that tomorrow we may see the sun There's a red dawn over the land Fate's dealing it's hand Times ticking to leave While you still can Calm before the storm Pride before the fall Goodbye to it all Good luck my friends This is the beginning This is the beginning of the end Blood in my eyes Dirt on my hands I got a bulletproof heart And I'm ready to dance Blood in my eyes Dirt on my hands I got a bulletpro

MAD #261 | Setting My Course For The Coming Year.

This is how I do my journaling. It's a unique process I created that I call Magical Alpha Dialogue . It reads as fiction.  Enjoy. Or not. Coffee is poured for us as we sit in armchairs on his enclosed balcony outside his chamber. The view looks out over the Bifrost. This morning it gleams like selenite, the energy visibly pulsing through the portal and walkway. He has glamoured a simple but sumptuous gown for me that matches his soft leather jerkin that he wears over black leather jeans. He still looks at me with hunger but keeps it in check, unlike yesterday. He reaches for my hand and kisses my palm. “Are you ready to set the course for the coming year, my love?” “If we have to, my lord.” “We have to, pet. YOU have to. My Lady Odin’s great adventure awaits.” There is a soft growl behind his smiling, mischievous eyes. I enjoy how he smoothly navigates my various layers including that of petulant child, even though he owns my heart and soul. He pulls me onto his lap, taking and pla

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