Lair Update - 29 January 2021

The extended holiday season (it’s summer time here, folks) hiatus is over, and my Community Priestess commitments are resuming. I volunteer on our small town’s Progress Association as their secretary, so I’m in the middle of all the shenanigans … just where I like to be. I relish that I can guide things to make our charming little community a stronger and more prosperous place to live, and to rub shoulders with various gate keepers to approvals, funding and project advocacy.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that between my real-life and online commitments, I have less time for diddley-dicking these days. Not that I’m finding myself as inclined to do so anymore. 

Because I can truly say that I’m deeply in love with The Lady Odin’s mission. I have arrived at a place in my vocation that I have so long dreamed about. Without selling my soul. In my book, that's a massive victory.

I’ve mentioned before that my boredom is my kryptonite. Particularly when my own work bores me because I’ve been a good student and followed the recommended and *cough cough* “best practice” boilerplate formulas. 


While logical, formulas and templates have no soul, no heart. Which is why I’ve reversed the approach and gone for being true to my soul and heart FIRST. The logic is eventually revealed. My work now feels more like inspiring art rather than a dry instruction manual.

Lair housekeeping: Refinements and upgrades ...

1. My YouTube Channel layout is now more organised with groupings into natural categories, being …  

My (public) uploads
Angels Among Us - links to all the Channels run by Angel incarnates and/or hybrids
SongSpells - where I’ve collected all my music playlists, including one of my favourite pet projects: Jupiter Radio | Music for Human, Non-Human, & Hybrid Warriors and Allies in this Spiritual War (curated playlist)
Gods as Aliens (curated playlist of selected videos)
Strengthen Your Thinking Skills (featured channels)
Norse Heim (featured channels)
2. I never realised my usernames on various platforms varied between Priestess Warrior and Warrior Priestess. (LOL) I guess at the time of setup I led with either my Warrior or my Priestess. However, they are now all aligned as Warrior Priestess. … I hope. Let me know if you catch me out.

3. The Spiritual War had a major battle this last month following on from presidential election fallout. The sheer audacity of Twitter to blatantly censor the US President by terminating his account was a Casus Belli for great swathes of their account holders, including me. This was hot on the heels  of the deplatforming Parler by the big Silicon Valley titans. Battle lines have clearly been drawn and while I haven’t closed my Warrior Priestess twitter account, I have noticed my feed has become energetically anaemic in a very palpable sense. It feels much hollower than previously. So I’m one of many hundreds of thousands of folk who set up a new GAB account.

It’s not so much the left-right narrative that I buy into, so much as the attempts to curtail my freedoms to choose my own sources of information and communication and to express myself without fear of repercussion. Repression of ideas is highly dangerous and indicates hive-mind consciousness … meaning the outlawing of free-will. As a German expat, I am very aware that certain historical conjectures are verboten by law to even discuss without risking imprisonment. Thought control and expression is an active tool of disempowerment, and the big tech companies have now shown their hand. 

Now, I typically tend to favour the underdog in a bully-tactic skirmish. And I will not let myself be bullied. My subversive creativity gets triggered by any efforts to do so. I suspect I’m not the only one who responds in this way.

I am not a US citizen, so I have no immediate vested interest in the outcome, other than the world experiencing the fallout of the result, whichever way it falls. Well, that’s not entirely true … I admit to being right leaning, and I do enjoy the Trump show for sheer entertainment value in how he stirs up the other side. I find his hubris is not without cause. Remember that there are non-terrestrial players involved, and Trump is hand-in-glove with them. I even suspect there are clones of him that would explain his robust health and stamina.

And while Trump does push a particular double-edged sword narrative that could easily lead to over-reach, with citizens clamouring to sacrifice their liberties to ensure protection of their right to live unmolested by radical disorderists, the other side’s agenda feels particularly smarmy and loaded with toxic duplicities and demonic rhetoric designed to discourage the building of one's noble character.

Remember, I’ve been saying that both the left and the right are controlled by two groups of arsehole overlords who are currently in a vicious gang war for control over territory.

Projects Initiated & Progressed
It’s a bit hard to know what is freshly new and what is re-crafted and resurrected because I continue to massage and adjust both the packaging and the delivery process ... but rarely the main content. I know the bones of what I want to inspire others with. 

Many of the outlines are well-progressed and shaping up well, so much is waiting on the technical production of it ... and that's where I'm still working on making a few decisions. I compost information on various ways available to me, season it with my soul requirements, and wait for the seedling of a solution to emerge.

Funnily enough, one of my biggest hurdles is finding the right name or title for my courses. Some might dismiss this as trivial, but as a word-magician, I find languaging highly important. Particularly when also trying to fit the course name into a limited character field.

As an example, I've taught Emotional Elegance for many, many years in my personal work. When all of my clients were women. But now, in the context of Warriors, Magicians and Tricksters, Emotional Elegance no longer cuts it as a title. 

I've also made some evolutions and adaptations in what I teach so that it broadens out the work to a Spiritual Warfare context. My intention is for my people to become emotionally strong and resilient so that enemy forces cannot use emotions as a fatal weapon against them.

So yes ... course names and titles. The struggle is real.

Projects Finalised and launched

Shhh! I’m getting there. 😉

Inside The Lair Pack

My inner circle is growing organically … slowly. Which I enjoy. I relish the sense of intimacy as I get to know various individuals who join me, rather than feeling like I’m talking to an auditorium full of faceless people.

And while I disable comments on my posts, the members of my pack know they can ask questions and make comments at any time.

You may wish to consider joining my inner circle by signing up for my lair pack. I write content exclusively for them that is not available for public viewing on this site. There's a quick form at the top left of this page.

Until the next update, stay true and stay strong.

This. Only because it delights me.

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