The Spell of Collective Responsibility

There's a very powerful mind-messing spell that operates in our world and it goes like this ...


WE are responsible for the mess we're in

WE need to do something about it

WE need to lift our game

WE are ruining our planet

When will WE get over anger, bigotry and hate?

When are WE going to learn?

Do you get where I'm going with this?

WE is a full-on mind-messing word.

While even one person is still full of anger, bigotry and hate, the implication is that we have ALL failed.

While even one person throws litter from their car, the implication is that we are ALL culpable for the mess.

While even one person votes on who shall rule them, the implication is that we are ALL seen to be consenting to oppression. (Ok, well maybe more than one person. How many are needed before a critical mass is reached that commits us all to the same judgment?)

Which brings me to the next inevitable question.

How do you pull everyone into line to ensure conformity to an elevated set of standards?

And who decides these new elevated standards? And who ensures compliance?

I hope you're noticing that we'd (yeah, all of us) be now messing with free will.

Do you see the problem?

So even if you have invested in your personal development and arranged your life to walk as gently on this planet as possible, you'd still be tarred by the same brush as those who are wasteful and ignorant.


THIS is our challenge as a human race. Individuality, which is our Faustian genius, balanced against collectivism. Which leads? Which reigns as a cultural value? 

The concept of WE is only useful if you are in a position to influence the outcome. If you are an ignored voice, then I could consider you absolved of collective responsibility. However, you have to ask yourself whether you have honestly done enough to make your voice heard. 

Silence is consent ... when you KNOW what the game is. However, this is a loophole that is used against you. So it behooves you to become alert to the enemies' games that they use against you. 

There is a concept called NESCIENCE. Ignorance, because you don't know what you don't know. This is entirely different to being wilfully ignorant, which is ignoring because you don't WANT to know. 

Nescience can be corrected with education. 

Wilful ignorance is simple entropy, with no happy outcome for you.

Your overlords get away with a lot of violations against you because of your ignorance of their methods. They foster your wilful ignorance. But for those who realise they are only nescient, there are ways to inform yourself. 

But then the game changes for you ... at a soul level. And THIS, in my opinion, is what people fear the most. Once you know their games, you have additional responsibilities. 

The individuals who make it their business to not be ignorant, are not morally culpable for those who choose to stay ignorant. 

However, the individuals who make it their business to not be ignorant, DO have a responsibility to other nescients. This is often at the heart of your Soul Quest. This is often the motivator for Warriors, Magicians, and Tricksters.

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