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Free Will Requires Courage

If there's one thing that my life revolved around, it would be reminding people that they have Free Will.  ALWAYS. Even when you choose not to claim it.  You have Free Will regardless of the matrix that you feel contained within. Even a slave or a prisoner has Free Will ... the freedom to choose what to think, how to feel, how to perceive their situation and react to it. This takes courage. Courage to take responsibility for your autonomy. Courage to look at the larger picture of your Soul's journey within your particular matrixed incarnation. Courage to learn those fucking lessons that you came here for. Most people find it easier to be cowardly when it comes to Free Will ... to allow others to guide them in what to think, what to feel, what to value, how to live, etc. Sorry, not sorry, but I don't have any sympathy or respect for those who whinge and moan about feeling manipulated into feeling helpless and powerless.  Knowing you are free, even if you are bound and gagged

Stargates & Portals Mischief

This is a curation of various information where I gather about Stargates as I stumble across them.  Right off the mark, let's look at the doctored photos that keep cropping up on social media and in uninformed youtube videos that feature a Lovecraftian type sculpture set in a historical archaeological dig context. There is a widely circulating set of photos, like the one below, that  were created by Andrea Bonazzi , a Genoa-based multi-media creator who uses these photos as contexts for his sculptures. You can find more about his work on his Facebook page . If you see anyone perpetuating these photos as 'evidence' of historical stargates, please correct them. Navigating the truth is tricky enough without having to deal with intentional misdirections.  a creative rendition original photo In response to my exposure on FB, trusted colleague, KD, wrote:  " The one's I've SEEN are invisible to the 3D Eye. But if you take a picture it will show up as a Dark Hole B

More is Good

Okay ... I'm done!  I'm done with focusing on those who share this planet with me in current time, claim to be 'higher frequency' but who don't hold the vision of our greatness. I'm done with those who see only the worst of humanity and then paint the WHOLE of humanity with the same brush.  For example ... castigating humanity for its apparent selfishness and defining it as greed and rapaciousness, leading to ruthless competitiveness. So wouldn't it be best for our species if we just got rid of selfishness? Wouldn't it be just *fabulous* [snark] if, for example, all car manufacturers would just get together to design one amazing vehicle that would last for almost-ever so that we wouldn't have so much waste and debt, etc, etc? While sounding logically righteous, there are a number of false assumptions that discussions like this rest on.  The main one, as I see it, is that we've been programmed to belief that our desire for more is bad by calling

The Tartaria Psy-op-era

What this post is about is a caution against SLOPPY and LAZY THINKING. Because, sure there are things being hidden from us. Without a doubt. But maintain a keen perception when the 'revealers' pull back the curtain. Don't just go along for the entertainment, but show up as someone with sound judgment. Now, what follows is the work of two of my personal favourite youtube commentators: AEWAR (who is British) and Wooden Nickels (an American film and television industry worker) ... who each have independent youtube channels and who come together for collaborations. Despite (or maybe because of) their anonymity, they fearlessly focus their scrutiny on popular narrative fads, such as the Flat Earth, and now Tartaria, and are happy to expose the sloppy pap that is being fed to those who want to believe so badly that their discernment is compromised.  They began as willing consumers of the Tartarian premise (as did I), but weren't willing to just take second/third hand inform

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