The Tartaria Psy-op-era

What this post is about is a caution against SLOPPY and LAZY THINKING.

Because, sure there are things being hidden from us. Without a doubt. But maintain a keen perception when the 'revealers' pull back the curtain. Don't just go along for the entertainment, but show up as someone with sound judgment.

Now, what follows is the work of two of my personal favourite youtube commentators: AEWAR (who is British) and Wooden Nickels (an American film and television industry worker) ... who each have independent youtube channels and who come together for collaborations. Despite (or maybe because of) their anonymity, they fearlessly focus their scrutiny on popular narrative fads, such as the Flat Earth, and now Tartaria, and are happy to expose the sloppy pap that is being fed to those who want to believe so badly that their discernment is compromised. 

They began as willing consumers of the Tartarian premise (as did I), but weren't willing to just take second/third hand information without evidence. So they started digging ... to either find supporting or contradictory evidence. Does it really surprise you that they were easily able to bust many of the claims that popular Tartarian promoters were passing off as facts? 

Note about changing one's position or belief on a topic ... this is called LEARNING, folks!

If (!) there IS truth that is being desperately kept hidden, then falling for easy manipulation discredits the whole investigation. Rather than displaying intelligent discernment, so many 'alternative thinkers' are blithely complying with a controlled opposition operation as they shuffle themselves willingly into the Tartarian (and Flat Earth) pens.

Aewar's and Woody's intellectual rigour is impressive. They do the hard yards of diving into archives to retrieve actual records, and dig into the various narrative threads with Socratic Dialogue. Wooden's expertise with film and camera techniques is also utilised, which I find incredibly important, especially in these days of unparalleled deception.

The trap of Arguing from Incredulity

I cannot imagine how F could be true; therefore F must be false.

I cannot imagine how F could be false; therefore F must be true.

Arguments from incredulity arise from inappropriate emotional involvement, the blurring of fantasy and reality, a lack of understanding, or an instinctive 'gut' reaction. They are also often used to argue that something must be conspiratorial or supernatural in origin. The sad truth is that such opinions don't actually prove or develop an argument about whether the statement is true or false in reality. 

And this reveals the depth of an individual's gullibility, which is ruthlessly exploited by  narrative manipulators and opportunists who jump onto the bandwagon, hoping to draw a hungry audience.

Watch the following videos in any order you wish.

But consider beginning with this ... because I know Star Forts are fascinating for many folk.

Star Forts: They Are Lying

Are Old Photographs Fake?

A Fair Assessment: Tartarian World's Fairs

Tartaria Cherry Picking Unveiled

Tartaria: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Backup link to video

Screenshots from this 👆video

"TARTARIA Must Be Destroyed" | AEWAR and Wooden Nickels talk @TheLoreLodge

Dear Tartaria - Canals

Tartaria - Same Old Sh*t, New Coat of Paint

Impossible: 19th Architecture

"Impossible" 19th Century Architecture - Part Two

Brickmaking in the 1800s

We're All Going to the World's Fair - Tartaria's Masonic Roots

Giants & Cathedrals

Tartaria, An Exposition, and its Plot Hole

Our Wonderful History

The Majestic Crystal Palace

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