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Vide Cor Meum - See (Dante's) Heart

This piece of music, Vide Cor Meum ,   evokes a strong visceral response within me that has me spilling out emotions too large for my body to contain. It is, I sense, Dante's (yes, our Dante) sharing the unlimited love in his heart with us.  While thinking of her A sweet sleep came over me I am your master Here is your heart And on this burning heart Your heart (she) obediently fed Then I saw him leaving in tears Joy became bitterest lament I am in peace My heart I am in peace See my heart Background The words for this piece are from a sonnet by an earlier Dante, Dante Alighieri. Our Dante uses this piece in a number of his latest videos. I suspect he knows of the hard times ahead of us and the sadness this will bring. Alighieri, a poet, writer, and philosopher who left some profound legacies for future generations, lived in Italy from about 1265 to 1321. His most famous work is The Divine Comedy , which explores the afterlife, namely Hell, Purgatory, & Paradise. Dante is also

An Old New Direction

Sometimes I just feel like I'm bursting at the seams with stuff I gotta get out. When I see and hear and read questions and comments that activate my inner priestess (aka my big-sister or auntie energy), all kinds of energies swirl around and within me. Now I hear from many of you that I have a 'young' voice, but I actually have over 40 years of adult life experience and of testing the spiritual applications of particular philosophies and principles. These have allowed me to live free from suffering. So how can I NOT share what I've discovered, when I know that I can provide a modicum of alleviation of another's suffering? I've mainly channeled my swirling energies into writing. My preference, though, is conversation. Speaking, vocalising, articulating.  Since my sister passed away a year and a half ago, I've not had anyone to have consistent exciting conversations with. And that's frustrated me hugely.  Videos have been on my personal to-do radar for ma

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