An Old New Direction

Sometimes I just feel like I'm bursting at the seams with stuff I gotta get out. When I see and hear and read questions and comments that activate my inner priestess (aka my big-sister or auntie energy), all kinds of energies swirl around and within me.

Now I hear from many of you that I have a 'young' voice, but I actually have over 40 years of adult life experience and of testing the spiritual applications of particular philosophies and principles. These have allowed me to live free from suffering. So how can I NOT share what I've discovered, when I know that I can provide a modicum of alleviation of another's suffering?

I've mainly channeled my swirling energies into writing. My preference, though, is conversation. Speaking, vocalising, articulating. 

Since my sister passed away a year and a half ago, I've not had anyone to have consistent exciting conversations with. And that's frustrated me hugely. 

Videos have been on my personal to-do radar for many many years. I've taken umpteen classes in how to make professional videos, bought the basic equipment, bought the right make-up, made scripts, learned basic video and audio editing. And frozen when I've prepared myself ready to record.

Personally, I'm self-conscious about adding to the online noise. The empty words, the platitudes. If there's one thing I back away from, it's being boring. To myself, primarily. If my output bores me, it will bore you. And my attempts at creating crafted, polished videos resulted in flat, boring videos. I have such a pile of unpublished works because they are not worthy of being put out there. Not because the content is bad, but because the presentation is plain and dull. Indistinguishable from countless others.

But ... recently a coincidence-maker crossed my path via a simple email. One who puts out simple videos but with nuggets of information of the type that I find exciting. Later that day, I just plugged in my microphone and spoke from my big-sister aspect.

Without a script but just responding to one of my subscribers' emails. I love when people have questions prompted by my messages. It's the beginning of the types of conversations I crave. About the big stuff of life, made up of the deceptively simple stuff. 

My focus is on speed ... because there is a LOT of information within me roiling to emerge, like lava simmering under increasing pressure inside a volcano.

So editing is minimal. You hear my thoughts and passions, my stumbles and back-trackings.  Everything that would make a professional videographer cringe. But from the feedback I've had, you seem to like that. And that encourages me. You all lift me as much as I aim to lift you. 

Talk is easy at the beginning of a journey, but the daily walking of that talk is a little more challenging. While I can't guarantee that I will continue, I will take it one day at a time and produce what feels most urgent to be attended to.

Anyway ... if you're not aware of what I'm going on about, here's the playlist that bears the fruit of my recent labours. 

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