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Jupiter - Home base for Angels in our Solar System

By Jove!  A fresh perspective on Jupiter findings by the team at Thunderbolts Project.  And wait ... what? Home base for Angels? Well, yes. The Karistus have many home bases throughout the galaxies but this is the one in our own neighbourhood. No kidding. Make sure to subscribe to  The Watchers website

Weaponised Earthquakes

How clever is it to disguise your attacks as 'natural phenomena'? Dante tells us that this is a favourite weapon of the arsehole side, who are technologically far more advanced than his own race, the Karistus. He's also said that earthquakes of magnitude 5 or more are probably a result of such weapons being used. Not provable. Not disprovable. Stalemate. However, scientists cannot agree on causes, so even their claims remain unproven.  Navigate this topic with your own intuition and critical thinking. Go here for a HD version A comprehensive article about Earthquake Lights is available on the Spooky Geology site.  Despite centuries of reports of anomalous luminous phenomena (ANP) – lights, glows, flames, sparks and clouds – before, during or after an earthquake, the scientific view of such reports remains deeply divided. The evidence for earthquake lights (EQLs) and associated anomalies consists overwhelmingly of anecdotal accounts. But scientific evidence has been accumu

Alien Fae

Sculptor, Sophie Prestigiacomo 's works in the Séné Marsh Nature Reserve in France. Truth told as playful mischief ... maybe Seems like everyone's competing for world domination.

Regret or Reward: What do you choose?

A timely lesson for me ... and possibly you as well. Personally, I regret nothing I have done.  However, I do regret what I haven't done. Which is simply ... more . That's one of the big challenges of freedom. The freedom of setting your own benchmarks, of setting your own agenda, of setting your own pace.  Especially when you desire to leave an uplifting legacy.  Work-life balance for Warriors, Magicians, & Tricksters? Fuhgedaboudit ! Totally! Because there simply is no 'off' switch.  All 'down-time' is tinged with guilt. Definitely a first-world problem.  But so many beautiful distractions to tempt you away from your mission, those actions that actually build your legacy.  Mine are disguised under the delicious glamour of research . Clearly a trap for the unwary. Re-search. To search again and again ... and again.  Like looking for lost keys.

The Latest from The Lair

What's happening and what I'm working on [ Updated: 4 April 2021 ]  I'm an ENTP* big-picture visionary and my research and thought processes are thematically kaleidoscopic, not linear or organised. The last few weeks have felt like flowing through molasses. I've dropped the ball on my motivation. My apologies to my lair members who may not have heard from me for a few weeks.  'Tis the season of family birthdays, including my own and my late sister's, and her children's. This is everyone's first since her death. Abounding in uncertainties and trepidations about how to proceed in this new era of her absence. As the in-situ matriarch, I carry the emotional burden for keeping others buoyed despite my own melancholia. Which is why I'm going to go easy on the self-castigation and focus on building up my energy up again from the basics, including getting enough sleep and eating nutritiously.  I kept my own birthday low key as it's only two weeks bef