Regret or Reward: What do you choose?

A timely lesson for me ... and possibly you as well.

Personally, I regret nothing I have done. 

However, I do regret what I haven't done. Which is simply ... more.

That's one of the big challenges of freedom. The freedom of setting your own benchmarks, of setting your own agenda, of setting your own pace. 

Especially when you desire to leave an uplifting legacy. 

Work-life balance for Warriors, Magicians, & Tricksters? Fuhgedaboudit! Totally!

Because there simply is no 'off' switch. 

All 'down-time' is tinged with guilt. Definitely a first-world problem. 

But so many beautiful distractions to tempt you away from your mission, those actions that actually build your legacy.  Mine are disguised under the delicious glamour of research. Clearly a trap for the unwary. Re-search. To search again and again ... and again.  Like looking for lost keys.

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